Star Journeys

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Title: Star Journeys
Publisher: "an Against the Sith publication"
Editor(s): Tracy Duncan & Nancy Duncan
Date(s): October 1979
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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front cover, Paula Nutter
back cover, Tracy Duncan

Star Journeys is a Star Wars 106-page anthology published in 1979 by Tracy Duncan. It has art by Paula Nutter, Tracy Duncan, and Nancy Duncan.

A second issue of this zine was cancelled when the Duncan sisters gafiated from fandom. See has become increasingly clear to us that we cannot continue publishing a fanzine for a movie in which we find so little to recommend.


  • Trial of a Princess by Tracy Duncan, illustrated by Nancy Duncan (5)
  • Knightsbane by Lee Lauzon, illustrated by Tracy Duncan (Forced down on an alien planet, Luke and Leia must come to grips with an inhospitable country, and each other.) (21)
  • Solo's Quest by Nancy Duncan, illustrated by Paula Nutter (Han Solo and the Rebel alliance part company, Han hopes, forever. But, when he encounters a strange woman on Corellia in need of a pilot, his life is never quite the same. As Han and Chewie take their passenger to a far-off world, they find enemies and a mysterious new friend -- the Force.) (61)

The Content Differs from the Proposal

The zine had a quick and serious change of content from when it was proposed.

From a notice in Scuttlebutt #13:
A trilogy of Star Wars stories: 'Solo's Quest' by Nancy Duncan... 'Four Days in the Death of Han Solo,' by L.A. Adolf, a tense whodunit. At the Rebel base, Han is grievously wounded by an old pirate friend turned Imperial infiltrator. Han is determined to hang onto life and to warn Luke and Leia about the spy. 'Seeds,' by Pam Buchanan, Leia is beginning to feel the effects of a destroyed home world and the constant pain of order Rebels to their deaths.

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