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The following is a (very incomplete) list of fansites that were hosted on GeoCities, sorted by fandom. Because personal websites and small multi-author archives were common in the late 1990s, many of these are multifandom sites.

Links go to archived copies of the sites hosted on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, Reocities, or unless no archived copy could be found. The Wayback Machine gives access to multiple versions of some websites; to view earlier versions of a page, replace the timestamp in the URL (e.g. "20071013143902") with an asterisk (*).

Some of these sites have already been documented on Fanlore as part of the GeoCities Rescue Project.

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Anita Blake

Atlantis: the Lost Empire

Babylon 5

Backstreet Boys

Beauty and the Beast

Big Wolf on Campus

  • Delirium: A BWoC Zine [4] - fic archive/resource
  • Jen's Big Wolf On Campus Fanfiction [5] - fic archive
  • Werewolf Den [6] - fic archive/resource

The Bold and the Beautiful

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series

See also Fan History Wiki's list of Buffy fansites on Geocities.

Care Bears



Dark Angel

Dawson's Creek

DC Comics

Deepwater Black

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Doctor Who



Dragonriders of Pern

due South

Early Edition

  • Early Edition Index [24] - fic single author
  • Lisa's Kyle Page [25] - fic single author

Earth: Final Conflict

Finding Nemo

Forever Knight

See List of Forever Knight Websites.

See also the Forever Knight Website Archive[1] for archived versions of many fansites and the Forever Knight Wiki[2] for a list of fansites that have moved or been archived.



Gundam Wing


Harry Potter


Jackie Chan Adventures


The Lion King

Lord of the Rings

See also Fan History wiki's list of Tolkien sites on GeoCities.

The Lost World

Magnifient Seven

Marvel Comics

  • Chamber
  • The Scarlet Witch Homepage
  • Villains of Marvel Comics ( & - fan encylopedia of Marvel villains, originally spread over a third site as well
  • X-Pider-man Web Page - tribute site for Spider-man and the X-men

Quantum Leap

Real Person Fiction

The Sentinel

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Sherlock Holmes

Sleepy Hollow



Star Trek

See also Fan History wiki's list of Star Trek sites on GeoCities.

Star Wars





See also Fan History wiki's list of Star Wars sites on GeoCities.

Stargate SG-1

Starsky & Hutch

Strange Luck

The West Wing

The X-Files

See also Fan History wiki's list of X-Files sites on GeoCities.


Xena: Warrior Princess

See also Fan History wiki's list of Xena sites on GeoCities.

Miscellaneous Fandoms



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