The Winged Guild: Charlie's Angels Fanfic Archive

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Name: The Winged Guild: Charlie's Angels Fanfic Archive
Date(s): Lated updated 1999
Archivist: Tilde
Founder: Tilde
Type: Fanfic archive
Fandom: Charlie's Angels (TV series)
Winged guild.png
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The Winged Guild: Charlie's Angels Fanfic Archive is a small fanfiction archive and part of the Winged Charlie's Angels fan site. The description on the page says it's a "multi-award winning, anti-jiggle Charlie's Angels fan site."

This site merely offers an alternative, another choice morsel to savor in the smorgasbord of the World Wide Web. Like other Angel fan pages it features Actor biographies and photo of the cast. They're a little more entertaining than they are comprehensive, so I suggest you visit the links page to check out the other Angel sites for a veritable gamut of articles, lists, and photos.
Unlike other sites, Winged offers character biographies (painstakingly derived from the episodes I've seen), some multimedia stuff, and a terrific selection of Angels fanfic at The Winged Guild.
The Winged Guild archives short stories (solos), full-blown series, and a bouquet of essays and lists. The Guild is a venue for writers and fans to publish their deep, wacko, or just plain funny ideas on-line.
Every month a fanfic writing challenge (FLIGHT) is issued and responses are posted for judging. The winners will be awarded a little halo button to place beside their stories and a bigger halo award to be attached via e-mail. (Yep, that's it. No money. No dancing girls or male strippers.) The first prize winner also gets to place a 1 paragraph "acceptance speech" after his or her story.
I hope this gives you more than enough reason to visit this site regularly, if not contribute to it and become a member of the Winged Guild.[1]

The Winged site is a member of the Classic Television WebRing.


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