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Name: Ride Forever: a due South Fandom Archive
Date(s): ?
Archivist: WolfWalker
Type: Fanfiction archive
Fandom: due South
URL: RideForever on GeoCities; The RideForever@onelist Fanfic Archive, Archived version
RideForever - Main Page
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Ride Forever was the archive site for the RideForever, hosted on GeoCities. It included fanfiction, poems, filks, round robins and outbursts that had been posted to the list.

Forty-two 'Authors in Residence' were listed on the front page.


The site also featured The Cast of Ride Forever, a project where list members had created non-Mary Sue OCs (self-insertions) based on their RL selves, but who lived in Chicago and had minor contact with the main characters in due South.

See The Cast of Ride Forever.


The page is documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.