Cotton Candy (Hanson fan club)

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Name: Cotton Candy
Date(s): October 1998-?
Founder: Erika and Rene
Fandom: Hanson
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Cotton Candy was an online-based Hanson fan club that was formed as a reaction to what was seen as teenybopper behavior in the fandom, particularly from groups such as Green Jello.

You may be wondering, "What exactly is Cotton Candy?" Cotton Candy is a club. It was started in order to organize and unite us mature, non-teenie Hanson fans. As the founders of this Hanson fan club, we realize that our members should fit a certain mold. We don't want screaming teenies in this club. Our club is designed to respect Hanson in all ways. So, we want our members to respect Hanson the way we do. If that sounds like something that you could support, we encourage you to go to our Application Page and fill out an application. We hope that by bringing this club together, we can show Hanson just how thankful and supportive their fans are. Hopefully, you will be that kind of fan. We look forward to hearing from you.[1]

The club planned numerous projects, including scrapbooks, quilts, birthday gifts and being a sort of "welcoming committee" by sending gifts to the band at each stop on their tours.

As of November 10, 1998, Cotton Candy had 182 members.