Backstreet Elite Fan Fiction Awards

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Name: Backstreet Elite Fan Fiction Awards
Date(s): 2003
Frequency: Once
Format: Judging panel
Type: fanfiction
Associated Community:
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
URL: archive link
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The Backstreet Elite Fan Fiction Awards were awards for fanfiction in the Backstreet Boys fandom. The awards appeared to only have occurred once, in 2003. The fanfiction was nominated by fans and winners determined by judging panel.


Screen capture of awards home page
  • Best Novel
  • Best Complete
  • Best Novella
  • Best Short Story
  • Best Series
  • Best Visual
  • Best Brian
  • Best Nick
  • Best AJ
  • Best Kevin
  • Best Howie
  • Best Combo
  • Best Group
  • Best Slash
  • Best Romance
  • Best Drama
  • Best Suspense
  • Best Comedy
  • Best Dark Genre
  • Best Title
  • Best Tearjerker
  • Best Overall Story
  • Best Lead Male
  • Best Lead Female
  • Best Supporting Male
  • Best Supporting Female
  • Best Friend
  • Funniest Character
  • Best Couple
  • Most Hated Female Character
  • Most Hated Male Character
  • Best Kiss
  • Best Fight
  • Best Sex Scene
  • Best Line
  • Best Climatic Moment
  • Best Goodbye
  • Most Unique Storyline
  • Best Author
  • Most Worthy Of Updating
  • Best Fan Fiction Site
  • Best Content
  • Best Site Name
  • The Elite Award-Webmistress' Pick