Alcor Weyr

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Name: Alcor Weyr
Dates: website: last edited 23 January 2003[1]
Yahoo!Group: latest posting March 2007
Type: role-playing club
Fandom: Dragonriders of Pern
URL: Geocities address
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Alcor Weyr was an approved Pern Role Playing club that used full-posting style. It ran as a Yahoo!Group with an associated website that provided information on the premise, characters, and setting of Alcor's particular version of Pern. The owner of Alcor Weyr is/was Josephine Barker.

The website was last edited in 2003, though it remained on GeoCities until 2009, when it was deleted by Yahoo!

On 8 Mar 2004, Josephine Barker posted a message to the Yahoo!Group WeyrPlug in which she announced that Alcor Weyr had reopened and was in need of new members.[2] The Alcor Weyr Yahoo!Group was extremely active in May–June 2005, but petered out slowly over the following two years.[3]


Alcor Weyr is located in the bowl of a dormant volcano on a peninsula on the Southern Continent. Building began during the 16th Pass; but before it was completed, a group of workers vanished. The weyr was abandoned, and became little more than legend until its rediscovery in the 17th Pass by a bronzerider looking for a lost ship. The rider asked permission to complete the building project, but vanished as soon as it was done. In the 18th Pass, his daughter, Nova, rider of gold Lilith, opened Alcor Weyr as her own.


The website contained three sets of pages, distinguishable by the graphics employed in their design.

  • The first (outer) set provided a link to the Yahoo!Group, a join form, a copy of the rules (both Anne McCaffrey's and those specific to Alcor Weyr), and a little information on Josephine Barker. The background to these pages was white with a swirly blue border. Lettering was blue. (Inconsistently, a page listing holds also uses this background.)
Screen capture of the "Mating Flights/Important Dates" page from the Alcor Weyr website.
  • The second set were index and info pages regarding the weyr itself and the crafts that looked to it. Their background was black with a blue dragon border. The colour of the lettering varied, with the choice of colour sometimes determined by the subject: thus, for example, the page listing goldriders was lettered in gold, that for greenriders in green, and so on. These pages used a divider bar with an interlace/spearpoint design.
  • The third set were pages for the individual characters. Their background was pale beige with a beige marble border. Lettering was brown. These pages used a double-bar divider that matched the background graphic.

The website did not include pictures of the riders or their dragons, nor were there maps or diagrams of the weyr and its surroundings.


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