The Wheel of Time

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Name: The Wheel of Time
Abbreviation(s): WoT
Creator: Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson
Date(s): 1990: The Eye of the World (1)
1990: The Great Hunt (2)
1991: The Dragon Reborn (3)
1992: The Shadow Rising (4)
1993: The Fires of Heaven (5)
1994: Lord of Chaos (6)
1996: A Crown of Swords (7)
1998: The Path of Daggers (8)
2000: Winter's Heart (9)
2003: Crossroads of Twilight (10)
2004: New Spring (Prequel)
2005: Knife of Dreams (11)
2009: The Gathering Storm (12)
2010: Towers of Midnight (13)
2013: A Memory of Light (14)
Medium: book series
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: The Wheel of Time (Wikipedia)

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The Wheel of Time is a fantasy book series by Robert Jordan. The author died in 2007 and the series was completed by Brandon Sanderson.


Due to the shared author and genre, there is a significant overlap between the Cosmere and Wheel of Time fandoms.


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The WoT fantasy universe is sometimes used for fusions with other universes, for example in the Merlin story One Touch of Your Hand to Mine‎.

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