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Name: Cosmere
Creator: Brandon Sanderson
Date(s): 2005-present
Medium: Books
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Brandon Sanderson’s website
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The Cosmere is a universe where all of Brandon Sanderson's adult fantasy novels (including Mistborn, the Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker, Elantris, etc) take place. It has overarching laws of magic and mythology.


The Cosmere fandom includes fans of all the works within the cosmere, since it is not necessary to be Cosmere-aware to read the books individually. However, many fans are aware of the overarching plot of all the Cosmere books.

Fan Communities

The official forums for the Cosmere are known as the 17th Shard. There is also an official fan-made wiki at the Coppermind. Both of these sites are named after things found in the Cosmere canon.

There are several subreddits that discuss the Cosmere, including r/cosmere r/stormlight_archive, and r/brandonsanderson.

There is a Cosmere fandom on Tumblr. Prominent cosmere blogs include onlycosmere and cosmere-cosmeme. A common tag for the cosmere fandom on tumblr is “cosmere fandom still best fandom”, originally coined by FeatherWriter.

Author Interactions

The cosmere fandom has a great deal of interaction with its author, Brandon Sanderson. This has spawned in-jokes and traditions within the fandom. He is also active on Twitter and Reddit, and has done AMAs in the past.

RAFO stands for Read And Find Out. This is a holdover from the Wheel of Time fandom, which Sanderson finished writing after Robert Jordan’s death. It is used when a fan asks a question that could potentially spoil further cosmere books or make theorizing too easy.

Word of Brandon is a play on “Word of God”, and refers to the answers to fan questions that Brandon provides online and at fan conventions. They are subject to change within canon, but many fans treat them as canon unless proven otherwise. Words of Brandon are archived at the Arcanum.

The State of Sanderson is a writing/publishing update posted on Sanderson’s blog every year. It is posted on December 19, which is Brandon’s birthday. This day is also known as Kolloss Head-Munching Day, due to a joke question about whether kolloss, a fictional species in the Cosmere, celebrated any holidays.

Fandom Events

Secret Sazed is an annual gift exchange set during the holiday season. It is organized by snarkspren, and began in 2015. An FAQ page can be found here. The organizer was interviewed about it here.

The Cosmere Gift Exchange was a gift exchange run by ternaryflower53 and cosmerestuck from August to November, 2019.

Cosmere Face Day was a tradition on tumblr for fans to post a selfie on the second Saturday of each month.

Cosmere Fandom Still Worst Fandom was a fandom challenge run by Tumblr user cosmerechallenge, encouraging the creation of angsty and sad fanworks.


On April 1st, 2014, Brandon posted a deleted interlude from Words of Radiance (the second Stormlight Archive book) on his website. The interlude consisted of the words “I am a stick” repeated 74 times, referencing an interaction in Words of Radiance.[1]

In 2019, aplpaca posted an image of a mango with the words “this slaps of piracy” edited over it on Tumblr. Several others posted similar images, and the meme spread. It was assumed to be a Cosmere meme, despite the meme not having any clear relation to the Cosmere.

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