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Name: Mistborn series
The Final Empire
The Well of Ascension
The Hero of Ages
The Alloy of Law
Creator: Brandon Sanderson
Date(s): 2006- present
Medium: novels
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Mistborn on Wikipedia
Brandon Sanderson's site
Mistborn by BlazeMalefica
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Mistborn is a series of high fantasy novels written by Brandon Sanderson, and are considered part of the Cosmere. It is slated to have four separate eras, each set at a different time in history. As of March 2021, all of Era One and three out of four books of Era Two have been released.


There are projected to be four separate eras of Mistborn written - as of 2021, only Era 1 has been completed, with Era Two having three out of four books written.

Era One

Era One of Mistborn consists of The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension, and The Hero of Ages. It follows Vin and a team of Allomancers aiming to take down the Lord Ruler.

Era Two

Era Two of Mistborn consists of The Alloy of Law, Shadows of Self, and Bands of Mourning. Book four, The Lost Metal, is slated to come out in spring 2022. Originally, The Alloy of Law was meant to be a short story, but it was expanded into a novel and then a full series.

The books are set approximately 300 years after the events of Era One, and follow Waxillium Ladrian, a detective investigating a series of kidnappings and robberies.

Secret History

Mistborn: Secret History is a novella, primarily set during the same time as Mistborn Era One. However, fans commonly recommend reading it after Bands of Mourning, as it contains spoilers for that book.

Unpublished Books

Sanderson has discussed that Era Three is meant to be set in a time period analogous to the early 1980s on Earth, with early computer technology. Era Four is intended to take place in space, with faster-than-light travel.


Mistborn Adventure Game

Mistborn Adventure Game is an officially licensed tabletop RPG produced by Crafty Games. It is based on the politics and world of Era One. As of March 2021, there are four supplemental rulebooks in addition to the core rulebook, as well as supplementary short stories.

Mistborn: House War

Mistborn: House War is an officially licensed board game produced by Crafty Games. It was released on November 15th, 2017.

Fortnite Crossover

On May 27th, 2021, Fortnite released a Kelsier skin as a part of the Cosmere Castaway set, allowing players to play as the character. Sanderson revealed that the collaboration had happened in part because he was friends with the director of Fortnite, Donald Mustard. [1]

The fandom was largely caught off-guard by the announcement, as there is little overlap between existing fans of both Mistborn and Fortnite. Reactions were primarily positive, and many people expressed that they were glad that Mistborn would gain exposure by its presence in the game, because Fortnite was such a popular game.

A great deal of memes were created, particularly on Tumblr, which generally saw the crossover as extremely chaotic. Many found the concept of combining Kelsier and Fortnite was absurd, due to the different reputations of both.


The Mistborn fandom is largely a subsection of the Cosmere fandom, though there are fans who have not consumed other Cosmere works or are not aware of the wider universe. Fanworks for Era 1 are more prevalent than fanworks for Era 2, although both exist.

Fanart is very common in the fandom. Cosplay of mistcloaks, a type of cloak made of ribbon-like strips of cloth, are also common. Suggestions for fancasts of different characters is relatively common on Reddit.

Due to the changes to interactions of magic between Era One and Two, as well as teases from the author about how development of technology will impact the magic system, there is a great deal of analysis of the magic system in Mistborn. This is especially prevalent on the 17th Shard. There is also discussion of how the magic in Mistborn would interact with the magic of other Cosmere worlds, such as the Stormlight Archive.

Mistborn was number 49 on the list of Top 50 Book Fandoms in Tumblr’s 2020 Year In Review [2]


  • Vin/Elend Venture (Era One, canon)
  • Steris Harms/Wax Ladrian (Era Two, canon)
  • Ati/Leras (Era One)




Era One

Era Two



In 2020, Zavodila released The Mistborn Suite, an instrumental album of Mistborn songs.

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