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Title: Tulsa 74132
Author(s): Sarah, Laurie and Melissa
Date(s): 1997
Length: 44 chapters
Genre: het romance
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: http://hanfic.weebly.com/tulsa-74132.html, angelfire.com/oh/spazmode, geocities.com/runawayrunner, members.aol.com/KSLACK123 and hanson.net/users/Indie9596

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Tulsa 74132 is a Hanson fanfic by Sarah, Laurie, and Melissa. Written as something of a parody of teen soap operas, it was one of the earliest (if not the first) hanfic on the web.[1]

Reactions and Reviews

Ultimately, what makes Tulsa 74132 a classic is a combination of the fact that it was not only one of, if not the first, story to do some of the things it does, but it does most of them quite well. It’s the definition of a typical hanfic—a little drama, a little comedy, a lot of romance, copious nods to the boys’ fame, and of course, a cliffhanger with no ending in sight.[2]

This one is huge! Probably not the first, but the first to make a name for itself and for Hanson Fiction in general. It starts out funny, and moves slowly into the realm of great storytelling and characters. It’s a shame that it was never finished because the plotlines had gotten incredibly good and not just entertaining. This is Hanson Fiction 101.[3]
These plotlines and their rebellious rule breaking earned the hearts of many, but beyond the galvanizing is something that people forget: a well-told story. It's a little like reading the best WB show that's never actually been filmed, one that splits its time between slapstick-style laughs and sweet, fumbling moments of brotherhood and young love.

Even though it's nearly a decade old, I still think that Tulsa 74132 is the most intimate, influential, and wonderful work the hanfic world has ever seen.[4]

Hanson fan fiction has it all -- sex, violence, drugs and the dropping of more brand names than a professional product placement representative could contract in his or her entire career. It offers a glimpse into the lives of a segment of American youth that most miss -- or ignore -- and it ain't always a pretty picture.[5]
Yet ANOTHER gripe... "Best Funny Story" (which, any educated person would realize would normally be reffered to as a COMEDY) fails to showcase "Tulsa 74132". Sure, they're not updating anymore, but it's still by FAR the funniest creation on the internet, and to get shunned in such a way to stories with absolutely no substance whatsoever such as the awful "Dazed, Confused, and Horny" or whatever it's called is an insult to the entire genre known as Hanson fanfiction.[6]

Tulsa 74132 was one of the first hanfics I read, ever! Being the first "Hanson living next door doing goofy stuff" stories it was followed by a lot of others, who most of the time couldn't live up to Tulsa's reputation.[7]
This is a really really cool story, its like an on going saga about the guys, and their lives. It hasn't been updated in ages so its a little frustrating, because you dont know whats going to happen!But I definatley suggest going to read it, its like the best 'ordianary' story around, meaning that its still focuses on their relationships and things like that, bu tit is way cooler then most stories

I thought I'd give my input in this story since it's the most popular. Frankly I worship it so much that I even have a parody! It's a great story and the first one that went past the "beautiful drop dead girl moves to Tulsa/she lives next to Hanson/she starts going with Taylor/they fall in love but they only have kissed" and started writing R contents (hehee). The authors have a fantastic wit and they were the ones who started the "Ike, don't straighten your hair" "Taylor, don't wear tight pants" "Zac, get rid of your yellow docs" chants. The story reflexes their opinions and the female characters are wonderful. Your everyday girls. If you could read only one Hanfic story it'd have to be this one![8]
about the boys and their romps through Tulsa. Alot of things happen and no one will ever be the same. It's my favorite.[9]

I also think everyone should read Tulsa 74132, lol. It feels like a Hanfic right of passage.[10]
Innovative humor that will no doubt cause chortles to resound in front of every Victoria's secret across the country for years to come.[11]

A spin off of Beverly Hills 90210, you really have to be in a good, non- taking- offense- at- making- fun- of- Hanson mood to start this story. But, once you get into it, if you weren't offended by the "adult content" (i.e: SEX, which happens in almost every cahpter, taking Ike's virginity) in the first few chapters, its addicting. Well written and intriguing (if a little... okay, a lot... unrealistic).[12]
I put Tulsa up there because it kinda makes you think, it's just not that intense. It is the BEST story out there though. Make sure you check it out!![13]

Who hasn't been informed by eager friends about the drama and tears of 'Walls' (by Sheryl and Laurie), the hilarity of 'For What It's Worth' (by Kristen) or the realistic, but still heart-warming action of 'Zac Says Tay Still Wets The Bed' (by Nick)?[14]
Everyone has the 'famous' stories they can't stand. Me, I tried reading Tulsa 74132 and couldn't get through it. Even though it's like, everyone's favorite fanfic ever. haha.[15]

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Tulsa 74132 won awards in the Hanson Fan Fiction Awards, Hanson Story Awards, Literary Hanfic Awards, Really Big Hanson Fanfic Awards and Soundtrack Awards; and was nominated in the Hanspirational Fan Fiction Awards. It was story of the week at Hanson Story Links. It is also featured in the PlaceToHide.net and Various Artists halls of fame, as well as the Your Illusion top five lists and the Hanson Story Database top 50.


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