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Title: Awardsmanship
Creator: Jenn
Date(s): September 3, 1999
Medium: online
Fandom: Hanson
Topic: fanfic awards
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Awardsmanship is a 1999 article written by Jenn for the editorials section of

It is in response to the Really Big Hanson Fanfic Awards, which Jenn felt were too much of a popularity contest.


It's times like these that I truly question the minds of those reading fanfiction, and even those writing the stories themselves. Sure, some of the stories deserved their nominations, but for the most part, the awards are purely teenie-infested, filled to the brim with stories by authors who more than likely campaigned for their stories to end up on the final panel. It's purely disgusting, and the main reason I boycotted the entire awards myself, for it's all become a popularity contest and has no real literary merit whatsoever.
Another huge gripe of mine? The category of "Best Airhead", in which the delightful Lexie from Kayla's magnificent Perspective (Hanson story) was a nominee. I'm sorry, but that's a complete insult to Kayla and her writing, for her characters have always been some of the most brilliant among Hanson fiction. I've never denied being a huge fan of Kayla's stories, and if the so-called freaks who nominated Taylor from INAP as Best Taylor chose the brilliant Lexie as "Best Airhead", I feel ashamed to be writing for a possible audience which includes these horny teenaged girls. It's an utter travesty, and I stand by my word.
My last gripe before completely shutting up is... couldn't they even get the title of Nick's story correct? It's not "Zac Says Taylor Still Wets The Bed", it's "Zac Says Tay Still Wets The Bed". Trivial, I know, but it just annoyed me. For a story to actually be nominated that deserves it, and thus isn't even spelled correctly, the little things bother me all that much more.
For those who are writing fanfiction for simply the joy of the process and the love of writing, please continue to write, and don't bother with such dreadful displays of "awardsmanship". As I already mentioned... Merely a popularity contest.