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Name: Sensory Overload
Dates: Created November 1997; Last updated 1998?; Closed Oct 2009
Type: Resource
Fandom: The Sentinel
URL: Geocities; Wayback; Reocities

Subpages for Sensory Overload (Sentinel website):
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Sensory Overload is a hubsite of fan and resource websites created by Becky and Robyn, relating to the TV show The Sentinel.

It is being documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project. However, although the original website is closed, Sensory Overload has been preserved within Reocities.

Sub Sites

Sensory Overload: Exhaustive episode-by-episode list of every time Jim has used his Super Senses, including zones, tests, and excuses.

Fun Sentinel Sightings: How many times have you seen Gus the dog? Jim's white socks? Rafe? Brown? Who's keeping track, anyway?

Jim and Blair Trivia: Fun facts about the Sentinel (he reads Asian philosophy) and the Guide (he's a good tree-climber despite his fear of heights) with episode references.

Cascade Hospital: A medical resource site for Sentinel fanfic writers and fans -- pertinent medical facts in everyday language for writers who want to make their stories more medically authentic.

Welcome to the Sentinel Fandom: A warm welcome and helpful information for new (and old) Sentinel fans -- autograph addresses, mailing lists, fan fiction links, acronyms, tips for doing your own fan fiction and Sentinel webpage, quick and dirty character list, and much more.

Best of Sentinel Fanfiction on the Web housed gen fanfic recommendations of the works of 79 authors.

Sentinel Graphics by Robyn: Collection of Sentinel-related graphics I've designed, including FPP VS5 commercials and "The Sentinel magazine" covers.

We'd Rather be in Cascade - Our Vancouver Sentinel Trip: Created 12/30/98 This page contains a trip report and pictures of Becky and Robyn's trip to Vancouver during the filming of the 4th season episode, "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg." We had a great time!

Robyn's Favorite Sentinel Episodes with Commentary

Becky's Sentinel Page: Becky & Robyn's TS fan fiction, plus quotes, taglines, and pics.

Sentinel Links: Becky's link list to other Sentinel pages.

Sensory Overload - Front Page