Andromeda Weyr

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Name: Andromeda Weyr
Dates: - 2009
Type: RPG
Fandom: Dragonriders of Pern
URL: Andromeda Weyr (archived)

Main page of the Andromeda Weyr website
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Andromeda Weyr was an RPG round-robin style posting group based on Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series.

According to the premise of the Andromeda Weyr game, the Weyr is set in the 16th Pass. Andromeda is located in the southern continent in the cenre of a peninsula that stretches north into the Southern Sea.

A date on the main page of the associated GeoCities website indicates that it was last updated on 16 June 2006. It remained on the web until Yahoo! took all GeoCities sites down in 2009. The site was owned by tarva2551.


Ten Turns ago a pair of dragonriders (gold and bronze) founded Andromeda as a training weyr. According to the hides left behind, it failed for lack of support from the Lord Holders. A decade later, Sanah rediscovered the site, and reopened it as a fighting Weyr.


The creator of the website never replaced the GeoCities placeholder index page with one linked to the internal pages of the site. Fortunately, because of external links into the site, there is a Wayback Machine copy.

The main page of the website has links at the top that lead to the other sections of the website. Below these is a large picture showing a minor waterfall dropping over rocks into a pool.

The site had the following internal pages:

  • News
  • Members: for each are listed their personas, hobbies, and interests. (However, data is actually included on only one member, Josephine Erwin.)
  • Personas: links lead to separate pages listing riders by the colour of their dragons, weyrstaff, and candidates. The riders' pages include the names of their dragons.
  • Locations around Andromeda Weyr - weyrs, major holds, and minor holds
  • Winglists - The wings at Andromeda Weyr have the picturesque names Sunset Wing, Sunrise Wing, Volcano Wing, Tsunami Wing, and Water's Whisper Wing (this last being the Weyrlingmaster's wing).
  • Adoptables - a list of characters available for adoption by new members of the club.
  • Hatching Grounds - a description of the clutch currently on the sands, including the number of eggs, the hatching date, and the names of the parents. (In addition, information is provided on a clutch of "flits", i.e. fire lizards.)
  • Rules
  • Form for joining


The rules for Andromeda Weyr (as given on the website's "Rules" page):

  1. All Personas must be originals. No sheet will be accepted if the persona resembles any of Anne McCaffery's (sic) characters.
  2. All of Anne's Book locations are off limits except: Honshu Weyrhold, Fort Weyr, Southern Weyr/hold, High Reaches Weyr, and Igen Weyr. Your Character _may_ be from there, but no role playing will take place there. No exceptions.
  3. No personas are to be perfect. Give them flaws, makes for good reading.
  4. Be creative. I want to be interested in reading more about them on the RPG.
  5. I will not accept any HAD goldriders. Those are protected under Anne's copy write. (sic)
  6. Please refrain from using terran (earth) names as much as possible. Its Pern, not another earth. :)
  7. Do not send me a sheet that is not complete, because I will send it back. :) Please double check your sheet(s) for spelling and grammar. If you need help, please email me and I will help you.
  8. Yes, more rules. ;) You may submit more than one persona for one position. BUT no more than three. I am allowing no more than eight persona's per member. Two of which may be Rankers. The rankers will need my approval first, as will creating more characters if you have eight already.
  9. And lastly, no dragonless rider will be approved for the Weyrlingmaster, Candidatemaster positions. Don't even try.