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Name: A Slayer, A Hacker
Archivist: Pat
Founder: Pat
Type: Fanfic archive, resource
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL: http://www.buffywillow.com/slayerhacker/main.html; previously: http://www.geocities.com/slayerhacker
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A Slayer, A Hacker is a Buffy/Willow fanfiction archive.

Why is this site here? Why Buffy/Willow? Well…why not?

We have read just about every pairing on the net dealing with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Normal, and Slash, dealing with Willow, as well as Buffy, separately.

Willow/Spike? Come on. Buffy/Faith? Sexual tension between them? Sure. But a romantic relationship? Real love? No. Now, Buffy/Angel. The big one. How can we go against such a pairing? It would be a dream for them to find happiness together without consequences. But they can't.

And we'll leave that storyline to Joss. All the pairings have their place, but it's time for Willow and Buffy to get a place too.

Now, let us tell you why. They're extremely close friends, obviously. They have both been there for one another every single time for comfort. They've never been angry with one another. And if you get right down to it, Buffy has been Willow's only true female friend, and vice versa. They just connect. A relationship based on friendship has greater chances of succeeding than any other.

It would be natural we feel, as many others do, for them to take that next step. A relationship between them would be grounded in true, solid friendship. And we see these characters in a romantic, plot-driven, not in a sex-only, story. There's no need for that. "Making love" should just be a part of the larger whole.

Having said that, we want this site to encourage people to write Buffy/Willow stories that have a plot. All stories should be rated G to R. NC17 stories will be decided whether they will be added depending on content. If it's just sex, it won't be accepted. If there's a plot, with an explicit scene in it, it will be accepted. These are two characters that deserve well-written stories and a chance for love to really be explored.

We know there are people who want to see them together, but for some reason keep quiet, and don't write. We want this archive to grow and be a place for Buffy/Willow writers and shippers to send their stuff. So don't be afraid, start writing!


Pat: Site owner. Manages everything that goes on.

Jen: Graphics, aSaH web design, maintains fan fiction archive.

Pink Rabbit: Contributes graphics

Leslie McKenna: Supplied content for 'Willow's Wiccan Corner'.

Other contributions

Artwork: Ash, Pink Rabbit, Kimber, Gabrielle, Angelluv.

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Other: Valeria (essay)


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