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Name: Fan Fiction: Star Wars Style
Date(s): ? - 06 July 2000 (last update)
Archivist: Kate
Founder: Kate
Fandom: Star Wars TPM
Fan Fiction Star Wars Style.png
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Fan Fiction: Star Wars Style was a small curated Star Wars TPM fanfiction archive. The stories were hosted by GeoCities.

A while ago I found that I needed a place to store my fan fiction. After I first put it up I realized I only had a few stories, so I decided to put up some of my favorites and this was the result! So stay awhile and enjoy the fan fiction! Don't forget to submit your own stuff!
Description from Stay On Target:
Stories from Young Jedi Knights, Ep4 and after, Ep 1-3, Jedi Apprentice. No updates in a long time. PG-13 - PG.[1]



The WereB*tch Project Auresta Adonis Rating: PG-13 One year ago, two Jedi were assigned to investigate the mystery of the Werebitch haunting the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Two days ago, their film was found in a trash bin, cruelly hidden in a foam box that looked like it held leftovers from a fancy restaurant, *stifled sigh and the sound of a stomach rumbling* with the a little yellow sticky note saying, "For disintegration." The Jedi were never seen again, except in the form of projected light figures that millions of creatures on a backwater, technologically challenged planet paid seven perfectly good dollars to see move around . . .

Chat Night By Sarina Argus aka Aya Rating PG-13 Young Obi-Wan goes chatting ... so funny don't drink anything while reading this *It might go all over your computer!*

Young Jedi Knights

WIP It's All My Fault By: Jaina C. Rating: PG - 13 *major angst* The Solo family take a vacation to Munto Codru, but they find out war has broken out. To help, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin fly X-wings. Anakin goes down and to save him, Jaina and Jacen will give into the Force.

The Last Chance By Kate Rating PG Tenel Ka finally acts on her feelings towards Jacen.

A Simple Plan By Kate Rating PG Jania wants to get married, but Zekk dosen't seem to have the courage to pop the big question.

Zekk's Family By Melinda Rating: PG Summery: Zekk meets his long lost sister.


Cast My soul to the Sea by Sharon N. Rating: PG-13 This is an alternate universe story. What if Qui-Gon had not accepted Obi-Wan as his Padawan, all those years ago? And what if things had gone horribly wrong because if it. [Angst Alert, Angst Alert! Danger Will Robinson!]

Resolution by Sam Singing Wolf Rating: PG I watched the movie again last night, and the look in Qui-Gon's eyes in the moments just before Maul hit him in the face struck me as almost suspicious and maybe a little confused. I couldn't get that look out of my mind, and so this story just begged to be written.

Jedi Apprentice

The Bant Tales By DBKate Rating: PG-13 This is a series about Bant from the Jedi Apprentice novels. Bant Tales I: The Meeting Bant Tales II

Destiny Lurking By Skye Rating: PG Obi-Wan Kenobi's younger sister sets out to find her lost brother when all of her family and friends disappear from her home planet. Meeting up with twin smugglers and other Jedis, she must find her kidnapped brother before its to late.

Out of the Water by Jania C. Rating: PG Qui-Gon saves two children who were up pass their bedtime

The Return of Anquilus by Kate and Chiron Rating: PG-13 Anquilus is looking for his daughter Gamine, and it isn't going to be a happy family reunion.

Shadow by Jania C. Rating:PG-13 Qui-Gon's padawans are seriously injured when their ship blows up!

Shards of Darkness by Sharon N. Rating: PG-13 One of the best jedi apprentice stories around! Obi-Wan is on his first solo mission when some thing goes wrong, terribly wrong.

A Special Find by Jania C. Rating: PG-13 This is how Obi-Wan and Jaina are found by the Jedi

The Wraith by Sharon N. Rating: PG-13 What do you do when your on a deserted planet with an alien who has taken over your master's body and you only have 12 hours till you die? What do you do?


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