Cafe Barbara

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Name: Cafe Barbara
Owner/Maintainer: Barbara Ruef
Dates: late 1990s?
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: Cafe Barbara presents "Ketchup on The X-Files", Archived version
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Cafe Barbara is a website created by Barbara Ruef. It has the subtitles: "Now serving Ketchup on your X-Files" and "An X-Philes Guide to the Mythology Arc."

front page

"Has the mythology arc of The X-Files got you feeling a little queasy? Is it hard to swallow or digest sometimes? You're not alone. The good news is that adding just a little Ketchup on your Mytharc is guaranteed to make everything far more palatable.

Here by the efforts and kind-hearted grace of Cafe Barbara is a guide for seasons one through five of the aliens, conspiracies and smoke rings that make up the continual subplot of The X-Files."

The website contains General Background and Basics, Main Characters, and Episode Reviews.