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Name: 'Argo and Bliss' Xena: Warrior Princess Site' or 'AB's X:WP Domain'
Dates: 1997-2002? [front page last updated September 1, 2000]
Type: fan resources, fic recs, mailing list
Fandom: Xena
URL: (Wayback)
front page
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Hope's Fury by Bliss

Argo and Bliss' Xena: Warrior Princess Site was a Xena website that offered fans resource links to other Xena sites of interest, fan fiction recommendations, news about the show, episode analysis, and a mailing list 'Xena's Last Stand' ("Where honest, thoughtful discussions about Xena in all its glory are welcome.").

The site was run by two fans Argo69 and Bliss, who also offered links to their own fan fiction as well as artwork. The site won numerous awards.

The page was a member of the Xena Webring and the Ring of Subtext Seers.


From their website

"I started to watch Xena in the first season....I had to come up with lame excuses not to go anywhere on Saturday nights just so that I could be near a television. I've been to several Xena conventions (New York, Valley Forge and Cherry Hill to name a few). But when I'm not obssessing over my priceless Xena collection, I'm work for a large, soulless corporation as a HTML programmer. My friends above who are listed among the crew have helped me immensely in the creation and maintenance of this site, not to mention the fact that they have kept my Xena fandom going strong. Xena is not all I'm interested in however...but it is certainly the most interesting..
My trusty sidekick is none other than Alice. Her first episode of Xena was the second season episode Here She Comes...Miss Amphipolis (she stuck around for more after that). I guess she was destined to be a Xena fan.... Alice is a cinema studies/film major at New York University. Alice and I were brought together over our mutual love for Xena and subtext. Like me, she has attended numerous Xena conventions (same as me) and has the autographs to prove it."
The site also offered a satirical look into Xena and Xena fans:
"Peepdom: The site devoted to the hell known as Xena Fandom! Are you in its grasp? Do you find it insanely entertaining to make fun of Xena episodes? Do you LOVE to use Xena quotes in everyday speech? Do you find yourself crossing thousands of miles to see a person who was on Xena once? BUT most IMPORTANT, do you love every minute of this life! If you answered yes to all, then, you know what are lives are like. The Peeps WILL rule the world!"
It features articles such as "Is There a Psycho Fan in the House?," "Bad Acting Theater" and "Things Xena Taught Me - More Educational Than Sesame Street!" Link to Peepdom via WayBack
Argo and Bliss' Xena: Warrior Princess Site' was hosted on GeoCities and is documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.