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Name: Ring of Subtext Seers
Date Founded: 06 December 1998 or before (oldest Wayback capture)
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
Focus: subtext
URL: http://amazon.fsn.net:80/subtextring.html (Wayback)
Ring of Subtext Seers.png

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Ring of Subtext Seers is a webring for mostly Xena/Gabrielle subtext sites.

What is this Ring?

This webring is on the subtext of Xena: Warrior Princess, for any and all sites that in any way address the subtext, the idea being to make the subtextual sites as easy to find as the subtext on the show. Actually, this applies to any subtext, not just that Xena related. Examples that spring to mind include Marcie and Peppermint Pattie of the Peanuts, for example, as well as Topgun, Beastmaster III (I saw it, ok??!), and whatever else anyone sees any overtones in (most notably, people have been telling me about homo-erotic overtones in the X-Files, be they between Mulder and Krycek or Skinner, only the X-Philes call it "Unresolved Sexual Tension", or UST, not subtext).

Who can join?

The only prerequisite for sites would be that the site is non-homophobic and has some content other than the (mandatory) webring html fragment devoted to subtext of any sort. Also, his ring should be all-ages (well, obviously I think so), so anything of a risque nature should be clearly marked with some sort of warning page so people like me have ample time run away to save our virginal, under-18 minds from corruption. [...] Obviously, since this is subtext related, there will be discussion of "controversial" subjects such as two women together in a romantic relationship, so this ring has something like a PG-13 rating (we'll see, depending on what sorts of sites we get, right now it's definately very far from being an R). I have decided to consider accepting exclusively alt-fanfic pages on an "as they appear" basis, but keep in mind there is allready a ring entitled Alternative Scrolls of the Bards, which I recommend to everyone, as I belong to it!
All sites should have some actual content (not *just* a list of links devoid of any description) and at least some of it should be devoted to subtext. Lately, I've noticed an increase in pages that are just galleries of subtexty screen captures. While they are quite wonderful and very suggestive, it is a problem of sorts that I am faced with. While many people use them as a starting-off point for other things, in that they come up with really great captions (see Ms. Golightly's page, or perhaps my much more feeble Ephiny/Amazon galleries), or devote considerable time into making them into some really spiffy computer artwork, I think a gallery of unaltered screen-grab pictures standing on its own is really not sufficient as a subtext site, simply because these galleries are pretty widespread, and there are only so many different pictures that are out there (unless, you get creative, of course). Not to mention, on the ring allready are some really comprehensive picture gallieries allready... [...]

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