Alternative Scrolls of the Bards

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Name: Alternative Scrolls of the Bards
Date Founded: 03 February 1999[1] or before
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
Focus: f/f
URL: altxenafanfic ring hub
Alternative Scrolls of the Bards.png

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Alternative Scrolls of the Bards is a webring for alternative Xena: Warrior Princess fanfiction sites. Ringmaster is mrcat.

Member Sites

  • Absinthe's Fan Fic - We've got a little bit of everything; X-Files crossovers, Uber-xena, reincarnation, mythologically incorrect stories and other fun stuff!
  • Alternative Scrolls of the Bards - The Homepage for this Ring. You can also access Fan Fiction Reviews and the Group-Authoring projects from here as well!
  • lucath's New Xenaland - Xena & Gab site with subtext, Dax, Deneuve, Amazone - chick flicks, aromatherapy, goddess worship, photostories, BOUND,
  • Mythe's Lair - The home of Mythe's alternative Xena fanfic & alt. Uber, some original tales(alternative as well) and a small gallery.
  • Xena's Subtext Talk - Xena alt fan fic written by members of the XST club, but all authors are welcome. Come check it out.


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