The Blue Plate Diner

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Name: The Blue Plate Diner
Date(s): Created? Last updated 2000, down Oct 2009
Archivist: Azar
Type: Fanfiction archive and resource site
Fandom: Strange Luck
URL: - (Wayback); Reocities (original)
- Angie's Blue Plate Diner (new version)
Blue Plate Diner banner
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The Blue Plate Diner was a resource and fanfiction site for the television show Strange Luck.

An updated version of the site, called Angie's Blue Plate Diner, has been created by Azar to replace it. The contents are essentially the same; but the site graphics differ.

Its "Menu" included:

The site is documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.