The Cake Site

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Name: The Cake Site
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
URL: (Wayback)
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The Cake Site was a small archive for SG-1 fanfiction where the characters eat cake. Gen or het (pg-13 or lower), no slash. It was a Geocities site.


Let Them Eat Cake - Redemption 1 tag by Sue Corkill
Spilled Milk - Redemption 2 Tag by Denise
Pockets and Cupcakes - Descent Tag by Seldear
Not Yet - Frozen tag by Denise
Baking - Frozen Tag by Manders (Off site link)
Manipulating the Major - Abyss Missing Scene by Denise
Freudian Slip by Baterista9 / Glider
A Warrior's Honor - Shadowplay Missing Scene by Denise
Bittersweet Dreams - Frozen Missing Scene by Tere
Windfall - Prometheus Missing Scene by Denise
Strawberries and Cream - Post Abyss fic by Allison West (Off site link)
If Wishes Were Horses - Prometheus Missing Scene by Denise
Ala Carte - Frozen Missing scene by Sue Corkill
Cheesecake - by Lisa Yaeger
Company, Cake and Homer - by Allison West (Off site link)
Cheesecake II : The Sequel - by Lisa Yaeger
Cheesecake : A Third Slice - by Lisa Yaeger
Commonalities - Unnatural Selection Tag by Denise
Meanwhile, Back at the SGC - Disclosure missing scene, tag by Denise