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Name: Scarlet Eyes
Archivist: Cherrie
Founder: Cherrie
Type: Fanfic archive
Fandom: Hunter X Hunter
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  • Information
    • M a i n C h a r a c t e r s
      • Kurapika
      • Gon
      • Killua
      • Leorio
      • Hisoka
    • O t h e r C h a r a c t e r s
      • Nostrard Family and Bodyguards
      • The Zaoldyeck Family
      • Geneiryodan
      • Hunter Exam Judges
      • Miscellaneous Characters
    • M i s c e l l a n e o u s I n f o r m a t i o n
      • What is a Hunter?
      • Story and Plot
      • Nen
      • Yoshihiro Togashi - The Author of Hunter X Hunter
  • Gallery
    • Screencaps
      • Gon and Killua
      • Kurapika and Leorio
      • Hisoka / Illumi
      • Geneiryodan and Zaoldyeck Clan
      • Miscellaneous Characters
      • Group Images
    • Scanned Images / Manga Images
      • Gon and Killua
      • Kurapika and Leorio
      • Hisoka and Illumi
      • Group Images
  • Fanfics
  • Fanarts
  • Omake/"Miscaellaneous Goodies"
    • Links to other HxH sites
      • Proceed to Links
    • Personality Quizzes
      • What nen type would you fall in? - Ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of the Hunter X Hunter world? Click the link to find out what nen property is your most probable type. Based on Hisoka's personality method.
      • Which Hunter X Hunter are you? - Characters vary greatly, and they all have their good points and bad points. Try this test out to see which of the characters you are most like.
    • Doujinshi:
      • Hisoka's Notes, by: Cherrie - Hisoka wonders: What if he told Illumi he loved him? Here are the results he was able to come up with ^.^ Just a simple, comedy pic. ^^
    • Contact Information
    • Awards won:
      • Award given by: The Hunter's Website
      • Award given by: Chained Heart Kurapika
    • Awards to be won:
      • Requirements for the award:
     1. Must be a Hunter X Hunter site.
     2. The site must have a good layout and is updated regularly. 
     3. The site must not contain any disturbing materials not suited for a general audience. 
     If you're interested in applying your site up for the award, send me an email together with this form.
  • Guestbook
  • About Me


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