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Name: Rabble Rouser
Type: Fanwriter
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise
URL: Geocities site; Reocities copy; Wayback Machine copy
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Rabble Rouser is a Star Trek fanwriter and reccer, whose stories won many ASC Awards.

Her writing includes fanfic about the female characters: Uhura, Yeoman Rand, Christine Chapel and T'Pring. She was a K/S/Squi_q Fest contributor and posted to the Yahoo! Groups mailing list Enterprise and Beyond. She wrote the characters Janice Rand, Areel Shaw and Hikaru Sulu for ASCEML's Getting To Know You.

Geocities Site

Rabble rouser's rec room.png

Rabble Rouser's Rec Room collected Rabble Rouser's Trek fanfic, as well as a rec list and links to other fansites. The recs were divided into "Classic Trek" and "Other Trek" and further sorted by story length.

This site is documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.


Fan Comments


Rabble Rouser impressed me with the very first story she posted, but this year she has grown in leaps and bounds as a writer. Her touch with minor characters is amazing, and anyone who can take someone like Janice Rand and turn her into a real flesh and blood woman has my attention. She made me look at T'Pring in a new way, too, taking us into the heart and mind of the woman we all love to hate, and in a way no other writer has ever done. I can always count on Rabble Rouser to take my preconceived notions and turn them inside out and upside down. Rabble Rouser has a talent for both short stories and longer undertakings, and I'm looking forward to seeing where she goes next with her writing.[1]


I was so glad to see Rabble Rouser return to writing this year. It was a true pleasure to have her back, especially in rare form. "Goodnight Sweetheart" was a lovely piece of work. The details, the description, all of it done to perfection. And then "Weeds," God, what a haunting and chilling story. Amazing. Rabble Rouser really has a way of playing with emotions, of making you see things in a completely different light. I just hope we continue to see more of Rabble Rouser in the coming years. Her fic is not to be missed, whether it be TOS or ENT. Well done! [2]
Rabble Rouser is an author that can take a character I thought I knew or understood, and make me look at them from another perspective, making me question if I ever understood at all. Ze can also, when in another mood, take us for a wonderful ride with a favorite character and show us nuances and sides to the character we've never explored before, enhancing and deepening the picture we had all along. Hir use of language is exquisite, as is hir ability to create and sustain atmosphere and setting, such as the depression era times of Edith Keeler in Goodnight Sweetheart or the lovely (for a while) planet that Khan and his followers ended up on. Ze can even take a hateful character like Marla McGivers and without ever reforming her allow us to better understand and maybe even resonate somewhat with the character. But it is what ze did with the Enterprise crew that I enjoyed most this year. The lovely Rand story Aridity, the wonderfully offbeat look at Uhura in Heart Line, and the moving exploration of McCoy after the five year mission in Kith and Kin. I beta for this author, so I don't often get the chance to rave about hir work. So I'm glad I have the opportunity to do it here! Bravo, Rabble Rouser, on a wonderful year. I hope you have many more! [3]
Rabble Rouser has the amazing knack of taking unsympathetic characters and making me care for them, without any artificial sanitizing or inaccurate take on canon. "Weeds" is an astonishing tour de force in what it does with Marla McGivers--I still don't like this character, but I do come away with a much better understanding of her. And then there are the old-standbys like Janice Rand. I'm still amazed at what this character has become in Rabble Rouser's capable hands; "Aridity" is just the latest example. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention "Goodnight Sweetheart" which superbly evokes one of the best Trek episodes ever made and has wonderful portrayals of Edith Keeler and Kirk. [4]
I was slow to read Rabble Rouser's work because, until recently, I wasn't doing much in TOS and that's where she's most active. But her recent story from the POV of Marla McGivers was brilliant, and moreover, it gave other writers ideas. She made Marla sympathetic and surprisingly tough, for a mere mortal. Right up there with her T'Pring fic in rehabilitating a TOS "bad girl". [5]
I love the way Rabble Rouser is able to take female characters orginally seen in the context of the 1960s and give them depth, color and (in some cases) a backbone. Her takes on Edith Keeler and Janice Rand this year were thoughtful and believeable, and her depiction of Marla McGivers was eye-opening. She's one of the best. [6]


2000 ASC Award - Second Place, Best TOS Author, Third Place, Best Overall Author

2002 ASC Award - Second Place, Best TOS Author

Weeds [PG-13] McGivers/Khan Marla McGivers reflects on her place in history. 13,300 words 2002 - First Place for, “Best TOS General Story” and “Best Trek Story”

Aridity [PG-13] K/R A desert crossing brings out some uneasy truths between Yeoman Rand and Captain Kirk. 3,700 words. 2002 - Second Place, “Best TOS Kirk Pairing Story”

Sympathy for the Devil [PG-13] S/T'Pring, T'Pring/Stonn T'Pring tries to find a way out of a bond she does not want. 21,800 words. 2000 - Second Place, "Best TOS General Pairing"

A Good Look in the Mirror [PG-13] Mirror U K & S The Mirror Captain Kirk of the I.S.S. Enterprise comes to a turning point. 9,000 words. 2000 - First Place, "Best K & S Story"

Kith and Kin [PG] K& Mc McCoy, at odds with Kirk and Spock after the 5YM, tries to pick up the pieces of his life. 9,600 words. 2002 - Second Place, "Best TOS Featuring McCoy"

A Captain for the New Age [PG] Captain Harriman of the Enterprise-B laments his fate. 1,600 words. 1999 - First Place, "Best TOS General Story"

Double Back [ADULT] Voy AU/Pre-TOS J/T A Vulcan Science Academy vessel commanded by Captain Tuvok discovers the planet of the Guardian of Forever and how two futures diverged. 12,300 words. 1999 - Third Place, MIS "Best Leola Voy Pie" (Crossover)

Separate Corners [G] Tu, T Commander Tucker has to decide what to make of T’Pol. A coda to “Broken Bow” 1,100 words 2001 - Third Place, ENT "Best Post-Ep"


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