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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Aridity
Author(s): Rabble Rouser
Date(s): 2002
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Aridity is a Star Trek: TOS story by Rabble Rouser.

It was nominated for a 2002 ASC Award.

Reactions and Reviews

I really enjoyed this story. More of the strong, competent Rand! Seeing her in action like this really makes me believe this woman could go on and become a high ranking officer on Sulu's Excelsior. Seeing Kirk through her eyes reminds us just how and why anyone who served under him would be willing to go to hell and back for him, even without the added romantic element. And the way in which the two of them finally discuss that last aspect is very nicely done. Like grownups, honestly and maybe even a bit brutally, but very necessary.[1]
Okay, I'll admit it. I may be a Spock/Chapel author, but Yeoman Janice Rand was my favorite character when I was first watching the Original Series. Maybe it was because, like Rand in this story, I was more than a little bit in love with Kirk. Maybe it was that she was young and green and reacted the most like I might have at that age. (No, I really think it was the whole Kirk thing .) At any rate, I'm still a fan of hers, and I'm still in love with Kirk, and I love anything by Rabble Rouser, so this story was a natural to fill a void and answer questions that I've had ever since the character left the show. Why did she go? What was she feeling? Did Kirk feel anything back? And could it have worked between them? Rabble Rouser deftly answers all these questions, giving us a Rand, surprising in her strength and determination but still recognizable as the lovesick crewwoman, and a wonderfully written Kirk, strong of course, but also very gentle with this woman that he has been subtly grooming for more. Beautifully written with moments I've not forgotten since the first reading -- watching the stars especially is memorable. T his story is filled with echoes from the series, especially that sad "No Beach to Walk on" and The City on the Edge of Forever," as well as a small look at the Rand we would see later, on Excelsior. This story is truly beautiful and will stand the test of time as one of my favorites. [2]
Another answer to the Desert Crossing challenge - I have a soft spot for Janice Rand, and I loved to see her written as interesting character for once :) And I have another soft spot for K/f, so you hit me full-fledged, Rabble Rouser. Thanks a lot for this wonderful story. [3]
I now believe in miracles. I just read a Kirk/Rand story in which Rand didn't make me want to scream, cry, or throw up. Thank you, Rabble Rouser. You gave Janice Rand a spine, a brain, a spirit, and professional goals. As much as she wanted our golden boy, she opted for self respect and dignity. Congratulations on making her a grown up! Did I also mention how much I loved your dialogue, wry humor, and insight? I'd love to see more of this incarnation of Rand. [4]
This story was an excellent response to a challenge to rewrite Enterprise's "Desert Crossing" in another series. Kind of a pairing and kind of a friendship story, it's a refreshing look at a Janice Rand who has gotten beyond her wimpy canon persona and is finally starting to grow up. Anyone who has ever come to the realization that it's time to get over a crush and get on with life -- but it's just so hard to do! -- can relate to this. [5]


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