Big Wolf on Campus

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Name: Big Wolf on Campus
Abbreviation(s): BWoC
Creator: Peter Knight and Christopher Briggs
Date(s): April 2, 1999 – April 27, 2002
Medium: Television series
Country of Origin: Canada
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Big Wolf on Campus is a Canadian comedy/supernatural television series aimed at young adults. It gained a fandom due, in part, to the strong slash subtext between best friends Tommy Dawkins and Merton Dingle.


Tommy Dawkins, the captain of the Pleasantville High's football team, and an all around popular guy, is attacked by and transformed into a werewolf. The only person who knows what's happening to Tommy is Merton Dingle, a brainy goth, and the least popular guy at school. Together, they fight monsters. In the second season Tommy and Merton are joined by Lori Baxter. She is briefly Tommy's girlfriend, until she decides that she would rather fight monsters at his side than date him.


The Big Wolf on Campus fandom is small, and primarily focused on the relationship between Tommy and Merton. There are a few het fans (Tommy/Lori, Merton/Lori, Tommy/Becky Dingle), and even fewer femslash fans (Lori/Becky Dingle). The fandom exists primarily on, and mailing lists. The fandom is slowly appearing on Archive of Our Own.

The best known fan writer in the fandom is (was?) Caroline Crane. While she is no longer active in the fandom, she has more BWoC fics to her name than any other author. Her large body of work is primarily slash focused (including NC17-rated fic, a rarity in the fandom). Caroline Crane was the first (or one of) to write Lori/Becky femslash.

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