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Fan Comic
Title: Hanson Weekly Manga
Artist: Bet Stepenaski
Date(s): 2001-2003
First Published: www.geocities.com/greenteanmotzart03/HWM.html
Genre/Style: parody
Fandom: Hanson
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Hanson Weekly Manga logo
Week #29, "Zac and Davie Watch TV"

The Hanson Weekly Manga was a weekly Hanson comic by Bet Stepenaski, who also created illustrations in her anime and manga inspired style for the fanfic Fallen Angel Saga. The comic poked fun at Hanson, including Taylor's sexuality and masculinity, and their teenybopper fans. To quote the artist herself:[1]

This is a weekly updated page that bashes and praises the band Hanson (and other US pop groups) with humor galore. I do warn you that there is some humor that will not be enjoyed by everyone (hopefully the bands would get a laugh at this too). This page is being rated PG-13 for some drag queen content and what have you. More teenie bashing on the way along with profiles and whatnot. Oh how you will love me all.

The comic ran for sixty weeks before Bet discovered her art had been copied and chose to discontinue HWM.[2]

Within two weeks, I have found my drawings ripped and not given credit. You should feel ashamed of yourselves. As they say, if there's one, there's twelve dozen more behind that. Because of that, there is NO MORE HWM.


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