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Name: The The Mouse Avenger's GMD Fanfic World!
Date(s): January 15, 2005 - 2/10/09
Archivist: The Mouse Avenger
Founder: The Mouse Avenger
Type: Fanfic Archive
Fandom: The Great Mouse Detective
URL: Geocities site; Wayback Machine copy
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Barney's Bookstore:

  • THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE SAGA - The entire history of the Baker Street Family.
  • BAKER STREET TALES - A collection of stories about the Baker Street Family & my other characters.
  • LE LIBRE DE MUSIQUE - Songfics.
  • OTHER LITERATURE, PASTICHES, & PARODIES - Includes outtakes, Sherlock Holmes tales, parodies, jokes, alternate endings, essays, & more.
  • IN INTROSPECT - Stories told through the eyes of my characters.
  • THE EVE TITUS CANON - The original Basil Of Baker Street stories.

Basil's Encyclopedia:

  • THE BAKER STREET FAMILY - London’s most famous crime-fighting clan
  • FRIENDS & “NEIGHBORHOODIES” - Rodents you’d like to meet
  • THE LONDON MOUSE UNDERWORLD - The villains, scoundrels, & bullies
  • THE MOUSE LONDON ELITE - All of Mouse London’s high life & celebrities
  • THE SCHOOL STAFF - The faculty of the Basil Of Baker Street ISD
  • THE ROYAL FAMILY - The mouse monarchy of London
  • THE RAT TRAP CREW - The staff of the Rat Trap Family Restaurant
  • THE MOUSE GYPSY CARAVAN - The Mouse Gypsies of London
  • THE MOUSE DETECTIVE AGENCY - London’s rodential police force
  • THE 66TH REGIMENT - The members of Dr. Dawson’s army legion
  • THE DEARLY DEPARTED - All those who are gone, but not forgotten
  • THE HOLMESTEADIANS - The residents of a colorful Western mouse town
  • THE BAKER STREET FAMILY, VERSION 3 - The descendants of the B.S.F.
  • OTHER CHARACTERS - Characters you don’t normally see in my stories

Larry's Libretto Company

Sophocles' Alley-House

Flaversham's Toy Shop

Madame Ratburn's Wagon

Exeter Train Station

Crossroads & Other Things


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