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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Bernadette's Ezra Standish Fan Fiction
Author: Bernadette
Dates: last updated 17 June 2002
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven
URL: (Wayback)
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Bernadette's Ezra Standish Fan Fiction is a Magnificent Seven fanfic page.

Description from Freyan's The Magnificent Seven Fanpage: "Home of Bernadette's rather extensive archive of fanfiction. Sadly another writer who has left the fandom."

The page was hosted by Geocities.

The Continuing Ezra Standish Saga - OW

Trust. Marshal Hanley arrives in Four Corners. He is a man from Ezra's past but is he friend or foe. He arrests one of the men for murder because he wants revenge.

A Dark Past. The seven hired lawmen are asked to escort a stagecoach to Rock Falls and to protect a witness on that coach. The passengers also include Ezra's Uncle who has a dark past. And following them are a gang of murderer's who want to stop the witness from testifying in court.

A Rescue Gone Wrong. Ezra, Buck and JD rescue a woman from eight men who she says are chasing her. Ezra is injured during the rescue and they are three days away from Four Corners. But the woman has not told them the real reason for being hunted by the group of men.

Payback. Ezra is still recovering when Maude arrives in Four Corners and as she struggles to find out what happened to her son a group of men also arrive in town looking for a high stakes game of poker with Ezra Standish but they loose heavily and they want pay back.

False Identity. Ezra suffers from amnesia after an accident and he is found by a group of outlaws who are able to convince him that he is part of the gang.

The Bounty. Four bounty hunters arrive in Four Corners looking for two wanted men. One of them is Vin Tanner who is wanted for murder and the other is Ezra Standish.

A Love Lost. Ezra is in love but an old enemy has other ideas install for Ezra and his new lady friend. What are those ideas you ask. You will have to read it to find out.

The Cost of Revenge. Five of the towns lawmen leave to help a town two days away leaving Chris and Ezra to protect the town but Chris leaves when he receives information regarding the murder of his family leaving Ezra alone to protect the town against five outlaws.

The Hunted. The bank of Four Corners is robbed and when the seven hired gunmen go after them, the robbers set a trap and two of the lawmen are injured. The hunters then become the hunted.

Friendship. The seven hired gunmen are returning to Four Corners when they meet up with a group of men who are transporting a prisoner. A man who was once a friend of Ezra Standish.

Blackmail. An old enemy of Chris's arrives in town to seek revenge against him. And to do it she takes a friend of Ezra's hostage to blackmail him into helping her seek revenge.

Cave In. Chris, Vin and Ezra are returning to Four Corners when they are caught in a rain storm. They take refuge in an old mine but there is a cave in and they become trapped

To Protect A Witness. After Ezra witnesses a murder he is asked to give evidence at the trial but the accused's family has other ideas.

The Search. The seven search for a friend of Mary's when she goes missing from Four Corners but when Ezra finds her he also finds the reason for her going missing.

A Healing Process. Ezra's emotions continue to heal but he becomes seriously ill and the other members suspect that it's due to the emotional trauma that he suffered from.

Nightmares. When Ezra mistakenly drinks something meant for JD his normal world is turned into a violent nightmare for both him and the other hired gunmen.

Delayed Reactions. Ezra receives a head injury but does not suffer from the symptoms until hours later causing him to be placed in a dangerous situation that nearly costs him his life.

Wrongfully Accused. Ezra is wrongfully accused of murder and the victim's family want to see him hang, even if they have to do it themselves.

Prisoners. Ezra and Josiah are on their way back to Four Corners when they are taken prisoner by a family who think the lawmen have stolen their gold.

Stand Alone Ezra Standish Stories - OW

Truth Or Lies. Ezra recieves a letter from Maude telling him his father is coming to Four Corners.

Quest For Survival. Ezra is on his way back to Four Corners when a group of men rob him of his possesions and leave him for dead.

Mortimer Johnson. Mortimer Johnson is searching for the man who killed his son five years earlier and he thinks he has found him in Four Corners.

Stand Alone Ezra Standish Stories ATF/AU

A Life Threatened. After Chris receives a warning that one of his close friends on Team 7 will be killed in an act of revenge against him, he protects those that he thinks are in danger but has he made the wrong decision.

Loyalties. When JD and Ezra are placed in a life threatening situation, Ezra finds out where Buck's loyalties lie.

Burnout. After spending a prolonged period working undercover, Ezra suffers from 'Burnout'.

A Game Replayed. Ezra disappears and resurfaces in the hospital. Chris and Vin then have to replay what happened to the undercover agent.

Innocence Lost. Ezra goes undercover within a prison and befriends a young man who is a victim of prision rape.

A Hiking We Will Go!. Chris and Vin decide that it would be a good idea to go hiking for a week. Ezra doesn't want to go, but he has no choice.

Retribution. Chris is seriously injured when he saves Ezra. This results in an extremely pissed off Ezra Standish, an angry and hurting Chris Larabee and a very irritating Buck Wilmington.

The Continuing Ezra Standish Lenny Hoskins Saga - ATF/AU

The Betrayal. Ezra goes undercover at the ATF but he does his job too well.

Ulterior Motives. When Ezra is informed of the death of a friend he finds out that there is an ulterior motive behind it.

Team Seven & Lenny Hoskins V's Ezra Standish. Someone has invited Lenny Hoskins to join the team for a three day weekend holiday.

Scientific Paranormal Investigations

Alien Investigation. When reports of alien sightings and abductions are made, SPIT7 head an investigation with the help of their new team member.

Werewolf Investigation. The team investigate after a death is reported in Lufkin, Texas where the locals claim a Werewolf was the culprit.

Twin Investigation. A set of teenage twins decide to make life a little difficult for Ezra Standish.

Space Cowboys

A Man Reborn. Six men make up Team Seven, a group of professional bounty hunters. After a bounty hunter's cover is broken, he joins the team and begins the journey of changing his life forever.

An Alternative ATF Universe

Stake Out. Ezra Standish has been recruited to investigate an agent but finds that the agent is also investigating him.

Short Stories

Obsessions - OW. This is a missing scene from the episode Obsessions, it does have spoilers. My imagination ran wild as to what happened to Ezra after he got . . . well those of you who have seen it should know what I'm talking about.

A Life For A Life - OW. Warning: Death Fic - A bank robbery goes bad and one of the seven is mistakenly by one of their own.

That Damn Car! - ATF/AU. A story about betrayal, one unimpressed Southerner and a damn car.

The hanging - OW. A stranger asks Ezra Standish to help him hang Vin Tanner.

A Dog's Tale - ATF/AU. Ezra Standish meets a dog that he wants to take home with him.

A Loss Of Confidence - OW. A group of men are chasing four of the seven after one of them kills in self defence.

The Picture - ATF/AU. A simple undercover operation gone wrong and an agent is missing.

He Had To Do It - OW. While returning to Four Corners with Chris and Vin, Ezra sees something that causes him to react on instinct.

Ezra, You Haven't Done Much To Gladden My Heart In Your Life - OW. Ezra decides to teach his mother a well deserved lesson.

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