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This is a partial list of fanzines that have Doctor Who content. For a full list, see Category:Doctor Who Zines

Zine Title Content Year of Publication
20 Years of Time Travel Reviewed 1980s
41st Sector gen, Blake's 7, fanfic 1998
500 Year Diary gen, Blake's 7, cartoons 1990s
Adventures in Time and Animal Husbandry gen, fanfic 1980s
Aggedor gen, fanfic 1980s?
Airs Above Ground 1991
Airwaves Doctor Who Special gen, fanfic 1993
Alien Corn gen, fanfic 1991
allons-y gen 2010s
APC Net 1983-?
Alpha Factor crossover with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1994
Androzani gen, fiction/nonfiction? 1984-1985
The Animus fics, reviews 1980s
Another Time and Space: Doctor Who on New Zealand Television nonfiction
Antonine Killer gen, fanfic, nonfiction 1990s
Apocrypha gen 1993 (estimate)
Aukon gen, fanfic, fanart 1990s
Australian Whovian Fanzine nonfiction 1990s
Australian Whovian Newsletter newsletter 1990s
Autoguard content unknown mid-1980s
Auton gen, fanfic, fanart 1989-1998, 2010
Babelfish gen mid-1980s
Baby Roo
Bafflegab gen, fanfic, fanart 1985-1986
Baker's Dozen gen 1986
Behind the Blue Door gen, Blake's 7 1988 (estimate)
Behind the Scenes gen 1994
The Belphegor Inheritance gen, fanfic 1994
Beyond the Sun non-fiction?  ?-1989?
Black Light gen 1992-1998
Black Orchid nonfiction, possibly fanfic 1993
The Black Pyramid gen 1985 (estimate)
The Black Scrolls of Rassilon gen, nonfiction, possibly fanfic 1994-1995
Blinovitch (also B7) gen, Blake's 7, fanfic/nonfiction?
Blood Will Tell gen, vampires 1999
Blue Box articles, reviews, interviews, and fiction 2010-2011
The Blue Guardian het, adult, fanfic, fanart 1982
Blue Unicorn adult het 1992
Bog Off! gen 1983-1985
Bog Off 86.3% slash 1994
Borusa's Trousers gen, fanfic 1995
Brave New World gen 1992
Broadsword gen, fanfic, nonfiction 1995-1998
The Burning Ground gen 1994
Burnt Toast gen, horror 1990-1992
Calipheron #1-6 gen, unknown content 1995-1997
Cameca gen, unknown content 1986
Campaign gen, fanfic 2000
Capital Spires #1-9 gen, unknown content 1993-1996
Cassiopeia #1-3 gen, nonfiction 1983-1994
Castrovalva gen, fanfic, nonfiction 1985
The Cat Who Walked Through Time gen, fanfic, feline themes 2000
The Celestial Toyroom newsletter 1976-present
Chameleon Factor gen, unknown content 1980s-1990s
Cloister Bell gen, fiction, nonfiction 1982
Chromakey newsletter
Chronic Hysteresis gen, unknown content 1980s
Chronos gen, unknown content 1995-1996
Chronotis gen, nonfiction 1988-?
Circus gen, fanfic, nonfiction 1993-2003
City on the Edge of Nowhere gen, Star Trek TOS 1988
Club Tropicana #1-4 gen, fanfic
The Concepts of Time Travel in Doctor Who non-fiction early 1990s
Conveyer Belt gen, het, adult 1985
Cosmic Hobo #1-4 gen, fanfic 1983-1989
Cosmic Hobo Times newsletter
Cosmic Masque #1-18 gen, fanfic 1977-?
Cosmic Relief gen, fanfic
Cottage Under Siege #1-3 gen, fanfic 1993-1994
The Console Room #1-11/12? gen, fanfic 1988-1993?
The Cricketer: Tales of the Fifth Doctor fanfic, other unknown content 1989-1992
The Curse 1996-?
Cybermag unknown content 1980s
The Dalek Masterplan gen novel 1987
Dark Circus #1-2 nonfiction 1998
The Dark Midnight gen novel
Data Extract #1-140 newsletter 1980-1998
The Definitive Article gen, fanfic 1985
The Derby Doctor Who Newsletter #1-8 newsletter 1989
The Derby Whotopian #1-6 newsletter 1990-1994
Desert Places gen, fanfic
Destiny #1-9/10 gen, fanfic, nonfiction
Deva Loka gen, unknown content 1983
The Devil Made Me Write This gen, unknown content
Dimension 4 #1-3 gen, fanfic, fanart 1984 (3rd issue)
The Doctor and the Suit gen novel 1986
The Doctor's Recorder #1-34 gen 1997-2003
Doctor Who: Adventures Through Space and Time gen anthology around 1990
Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space & Time (later In-Vision) gen, non-fiction 1980-1988
Doctor Who and Shada gen, fanfic 1989, reprint 2006
Doctor Who and the City of Death gen, fanfic 1992 (1st ed)
The Doctor and the Enterprise gen, Star Trek: TOS 1981
Doctor Who - Gallifrey unknown content 1983-?
Doctor Who Gazette unknown content 1980-late 1981 or early 1982
Doctor Who and the Hodge-Podge gen, fanfic 1985
Doctor Who and the Pirate Planet gen, fanfic 1990 (1st ed)
Doctor Who and the Reluctant Companion #1-2 gen, Blake's 7 1991-1993
Doctor Who Fan Annual gen, unknown content 1980s
The Doctor Who Interviews of Joe Nazarro gen, nonfiction 1992
Doctor Who Junkie gen, anthology
The Doctor Who Listener 1989-1993
Doctor Who Oddball gen, parody 1989-
The Doctor Who Project gen, fanfic 1999
The Doctor Who Project Season 30 Omnibus gen, fanfic 2002
The Doctor Who Review gen, fanfic, nonfiction 1980-?
Doctor Who: The Next Generation gen, fanfic
Doctor Whom #1-10 gen, unknown content 1990s
Double Talk #1-4 newsletter
Dreams Incorporated gen, fanfic
Dwarf Star gen, fiction, nonfiction 1987
EFG fandom parody 1996
The Epic of Doctor Who 1982
Eternity (previously "Tardis") #1-10 gen, Red Dwarf, Star Trek TOS 1990s
The Eye of Harmony #1-4 gen, fanfic, nonfiction 1979-1980
Eye of Horus #1-10 gen, fanfic, nonfiction 1983-1985
The Faces of Time #1-4 gen, fanfic 1981-1984
Faithful Friends/Agreeable Companions fanfic 1991
Fanboy fanfic 1993
Fan Mail #1-4 nonfiction, cartoons 1990 (4th issue)
Far Horizons gen, fiction, comics 1994
Faze anthology  ?
Five Hundred Eyes gen 1990s
Fish Fingers and Custard anthology 2010-current
Flight Through Eternity nonfiction mid-1980s
The Fowling Piece: Made in Birmingham gen, fanfic
The Friends of Doctor Who newsletter
From the Notebook of Sarah Jane gen 1983
Frontier Worlds #1-18 gen, Blake's 7
Galacticamania gen, fanfic, Battlestar Galactica (1978) 1988
The Gallifreyan Dispatches gen
The Gallifreyan Home Companion gen, fanfic, nonfiction 1986-1998, 2003
Gallifrey Chronicles #1-7 gen, fanfic, nonfiction
The Gallifrey Connection gen, fanfic, unknown content 1983
The Gallifrey Gazette #1-6 gen, newsletter 1978-?
Gallifrey: The Seat of Time gen
Gallifreyan Graffiti #1-127 gen, newsletter, fanfic, nonfiction  ?-1997
Gateway to Time #1-4 gen, Blake's 7 1985 (2nd issue) -1988
Genesis gen 1977
Glory of the Daleks gen, fanfic 1992
Guardians of Gallifrey Yearbook 1988
Hand of Omega nonfiction 1980s
Happiness Patrol gen
Hungryyy gen
Images Blake's 7 1981
I'm Not Supposed to Get Involved
Inferno Fiction
Infinite Dreams #1-4 2002-2004
Intergalactic Enquirer
The Invengos Times 1982
I've Got A Big Scarf, What About Me Hat? early 1980s
Jelly Baby Chronicles
Jovankan Liberators
Junkyard 1988-?
Kasterborian Nights
The Keys of Chatelaine
The Keys of Time
Knight Progenitor 1991
Krang 1980s
Land of Fiction
The Late Great Killer Cartoon Book 1984
The Legacy of Sion
Legion Lore
The Magister unknown 1980s
The Master's Daughter 1987
The Michaelmas Phantoms
Missing Pieces
Mistfall #1-24 (clubzine) 1990s
Moonbase reviews 1979
Mounds of Time
my daleks are bigger than yours 1990s
Myth Makers
Myth Makers Presents
Necros 1980s
Neutron Flow
The New Adventures Handbook 1996
Not So Much a Fanzine, More a Way of Life 1980s
November Spawned a Monster 1996
Oddball 1989
Paisley Pattern (clubzine) 1989-195
Passage Through Time
Past Tense, Future Perfect
The Pawn of Leptos 1981
Peking Homunculus
Peladon 1989-1991
Perfect Timing 1998-1999
Perigosto Stick 1991-1994
Pickled in Time Blake's 7 1994
Pieces of Fate
Police Boxes newsletter 1985
The Pre-Trial Hearing of a Time Lord gen novel
Private Who
Psycho-Daleks 1989-?
Purple Haze 1990-1993
Qui to Time
Rassilon's Star
Rat's Tales
A Renegade's Story gen novel 1990s
Requiem for a Time Lord gen novel 1980
Reverse the Polarity 1997-present
Revia (clubzine) 1993-1994
A Ripple in Time gen novel 1989
The Roving Reporter
Savage Leela-centric meta and art 1980/1981
Second Dimension
Sidrat 1981-1982
Seeds of Death gen novel 1985
Silver Carrier
Sing Sweetly, Sing Strong 1989
The Sixth Doctor Who Dictionary 1989
Soft Targets 1992-1997
The Sonic Screwdriver (by Steven Grace) #1-11 gen, fanfic, nonfiction 1993-1996
The Sonic Screwdriver (multifandom) #1-8 gen, multifandom 1986-?
The Sonic Scewdriver (clubzine) #1-140 gen, fanfic, nonfiction 1980-present
Sonic Times newsletter 1984-96
The Steel Sky
Storyzone 1997
Strange Matter #1-19  ?-1997
Summer Camp
Tales of the Solar System 2000
TARDIS 1975-1998
Tardis Blue
Tardis Exchange 1994
The Tardis Tales Collection cartoons 1993
Tardis Time Lore
Teddy Bear Times
Telos  ?-1997/1998
Temporal Orbit 1990s
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Think Tank 1989
A Third of Infinity mid-1980s
Time Brains 2013
Time Log
Time Lord Tales
The Timelord Times newsletter
The Time Rider
Time Space Visualiser
Timestreams 1990-1995
Time Table
Time Winds #1-20 gen 1983-1988
Times newsletter
Timing Malfunction 1990s
The Tomb 1987-1990
Traken gen
Trenchcoat 1991-1996, 2003
Trials and Transmutations
Twenty-Five Years of a Time Lord 1989
The Universal Dreamer
The Unpaid Scientific Advisor anthology of articles, reviews and convention reports
The Veil
The Victorian Time Machine 1979-1980
Vipod Mor 1988
The Visitor, Who Else? crossover stories
Vortex (by Colin Jenkins) #1-18 gen, nonfiction 1983-1993
Vortex (by C.J.P. Rodgers) gen 1993
Vortex (by Paul Rowe) #1-4 gen, nonfiction 1996-1997
Walking in Eternity 2001
The Wall of Lies newsletter 1990s
Warcry of Hallatern
Warm Gallifreyan Nights
Well Met in Space and Time Battlestar Galactica
Wheel in Space articles, reviews, letters, fics 1984
Whirly Thing Alert newsletter, multifandom
Who and Crew cartoons 1980s
Who's Doodlebug? gen 1980
Who Else?
Who in Who unknown content 1993
Who Knows
Who-Rotica het
Whovian Times
Whovita filksong opera
Zerinza newsletter 1976-1986
Zeta Minor
Zigma 1983-1984