Time Distort (Blake's 7 and Doctor Who club zine)

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Title: Time Distort
Publisher: Star One, a fan club in New South Wales, Australia
Editor(s): Patrick Wong and Lachlan Patrick
Date(s): 1987
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake's 7 & Doctor Who
Language: English
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Time Distort is a gen Doctor Who and Blake's 7 club zine of articles, news, club news, story summaries, and puzzles.

cover of issue #1 (note: the 1985 date on this cover is a typo -- it should be 1987)
1986 flyer

Issue 1

Time Distort 1 was published in December 1987.

  • Beginning of Blake's 7
  • Blake's 7 story tabulation
  • 'Attack of the Cyberman' article

Issue 2

Time Distort 2 is a Cyberman issue.

  • Blake's Seven stories summary
  • 'Way Back,' 'Space Fall,' 'Cygnus Alpha'
  • Cyberhistory
  • Blake's Seven crossword puzzle

Issue 3

Time Distort 3

Issue 4

Time Distort 4

Issue 5

Time Distort 5

Issue 6

Time Distort 6

Issue 7

Time Distort 7

Issue 8

Time Distort 8 was published in October 1988. It was the last issue.

Issue 9

Time Distort 9