Encyclopedia Gallifrey

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Title: Encyclopedia Gallifrey
Publisher: Holli
Editor(s): Holli
Date(s): July 2013
Series?: no
Medium: print and online
Size: A5, 24 pages (inc. covers)
Genre: multi
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
External Links: Download zine here
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cover by nonasuch.tumblr.com
Encyclopedia Gallifrey is a 24-page Doctor Who zine, published in 2013. It is free to download. It was edited and published by Holli as part of the Dreamwidth community DIYFanzines.

The community profile announced: "We're here to attempt to make fanzines in the DIY mode: rather than big bound volumes of fic, let's try something smaller, more individual and more experimental. Use meta, fanart, and short fic to talk about your favorite fandoms, and soon you'll be master of the long-arm stapler!"[1]



  • A Personal Voyage by Hiro Miyamoto Superfly
  • The Doctor Who Dude Problem by Vivian
  • A Brief List of Companions Who Are Cooler Than You by nonasuch
  • Paul McGann Does Count by aralias
  • Six Historical Women Ace McShame Should Have Had a Chance to Flirt With by nonasuch
  • Come On, We've Got Work to Do! (The Moral Worldview of Doctor Who) by grey_bard


  • The Bridge by Sage H


  • Cover by nonasuch.tumblr.com
  • The Tenth Doctor by Melissa Dalton
  • Farewell Ponds by nisiedrawsstuff.tumblr.com
  • Jamie McCrimmon by pikse.tumblr.com
  • Make an Adipose Baby by nonasuch
  • Lizard Woman & Wife by Noni Boynton
  • Clara and Eleven by tallytodd.tumblr.com


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