500 Year Diary

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Title: 500 Year Diary
Publisher: Permanent Press
Editor(s): Paul Gadzikowski and/or Mary Bloemker
Type: cartoons
Date(s): 1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Doctor Who/multimedia
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500 Year Diary is a gen 78-page anthology of Doctor Who, Blake's 7 and other fandom crossover comic strips by Paul Gadzikowski.

From a proposal in Universal Translator #23: "'The Five Hundred Year Diary' is now accepting submissions of art, stories, fiction, non-fiction article, et cetera for a new DW zine. We would like not only to concentrate on all of the Doctor's regenerations, but on his travelling companions and assistants as well, whether with or without the Doctor."

From an ad in Datazine #56: "No smiling Spocks or red kryptonite; let's not make fun of our heroes, but have fun with them. Covering the history to date of each universe."

The fandoms represented: