Shooty Dog Thing

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Title: Shooty Dog Thing
Editor(s): Paul Castle
Medium: e-zine download
Genre: gen
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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Shooty Dog Thing is a gen Doctor Who e-zine with ten issues.

back cover of one of the issues, artist: thecosmicdancer (colored in Corel Painter X)

From the editorial of issue #6: "HELLO! SDT’s been described as doing for the eighties/nineties fanzines what Russell T. Davies has done for Doctor Who, giving it a noughties update that reinvigorates the concept of the printed ’zine. And if you’ve never encountered a fanzine before, this is what fans used to create before we had websites - just print off the PDF of side A, flip the paper and then print side B, fold it in the middle, kerchunk a couple of staples in place and that’s a fanzine! Of course, there’s also an e-zine version you can simply read on your computer screen, if you don’t want to print. The choice is yours, aren’t I good? Oh, and did I mention it’s totally free? :o)"

Origins of the Zine

front cover of an unknown issue, artist: thecosmicdancer: "Made with mechanical pencils with some adjustments in Photoshop CS3. The only thing I'm really proud of here is Patrick Troughton, I did this entire piece in 4 hours, a marathon of portrait work." [1]

"I created the fanzine because I love "Doctor Who" in all shapes and forms, and miss the old days of fanzines. Paul Cornell edited a book called "Licence Denied" back in 1997 after Virgin Publishing lost the licence to publish original "Doctor Who" fiction. As a kind of last word on the subject Paul Cornell closed the Virgin era by editing a collection of the very best fanzine articles. Inspired by this I edited my first fanzine, "Eye of Orion", which ran for seven issues over the next four years, but real life intruded as my university days came to an end and it all went pear-shaped. And then, last summer, I picked up "Licence Denied" from the bookcase as I was rushing out the door, and in the pub and on the train throughout that afternoon I found myself falling in love with the idea of producing a fanzine again. Both my mum and my girlfriend had suggested I get a hobby as my cycle of work-sleep-work-sleep was getting me down, and it was the latter who suggested I start writing fanzines again. And there the fun began. Lots of texts and random calls on the mobile with my friend Erik Pollitt, together with copious handwritten notes whilst waiting in the pub for the missus to finish work, finally brought together a structure for "Shooty Dog Thing". The title taken from Anthony Stewart Head's line in the David Tennant "Doctor Who" story (describing K-9), the contents from all forty three years of "Doctor Who" on TV, in the comics, books, audios and other media." [2]

Issue 1

Shooty Dog Thing 1 was issued in March 2007.

Issue 2

Shooty Dog Thing 2 was issued Summer 2007.

Issue 3

Shooty Dog Thing 3

Issue 4

Shooty Dog Thing 4 was issued in December 2007.

  • Cover by Andy Hackett (
  • Rambling editorial by Paul Castle
  • Tim Hirst interviewed by Paul Castle (
  • Crossword by Terry Francis
  • "All My Love To Long Ago" by Paul Castle, pics by Felice
  • "Take Five? Nah!" by Iain Martin
  • Self Portrait autobiography reviewed by Jon Arnold
  • "AlternativeZ" by Terry Francis
  • "What I Don't Understand Is This..." 'puzzle' by Paul Castle
  • "Quick Guides: Polly & Ben" by Stephen Gray
  • Anneke Wills interviewed by Paul Castle
  • "Doctor Who Monthly" reviews:
  • (Dec: 'The Seeds Of Death' novelisation reviewed by Terry Francis
  • 'Cyber-Hunt' spin-off CD reviewed by Paul Castle
  • Jan: 'Relative Dementias' novel reviewed by Wesley Osam
  • 'Storm Warning' CD reviewed by Colin John Francis
  • Feb: 'The Web Planet' tv story reviewed by Arfie Mansfield
  • 'Planet Of The Daleks' comic strip reviewed by James Hadwen)
  • "Is The Doctor Worth The Monsters?" by Jon Arnold
  • YANA e-zine sort of reviewed by Paul Castle
  • "Twenty-Oh-Nine" forecast by Paul Castle
  • "Considering One's Character Options" by Paul Castle
  • "Doctor In Love" by Paul Castle, pics by Red Sharlach of
  • "Craggles Rocked!": Jon Arnold remembers Craig Hinton
  • "Auntie Iris's Guide To The Rubbish Monsters #2" by Erik Pollitt
  • "The Original Captain Jack" by Nicole Redo
  • "The Quark Is Rising" by Arfie Mansfield

Issue 5

Shooty Dog Thing 5 was issued March 2008.

  • Cover by Jon Wesley Huff
  • Editorial by Paul Castle
  • Letters page!
  • Interview with Joe Lidster
  • "The Twenty-first Century Is When It's All Gonna Change. And You Gotta Be Ready!" by Patrick Mulready
  • "AlternativeZ" by Terry Francis
  • Comic strip: "Doctor Who And The Pen Store Adventure" by Leslie McMurtry
  • "Doctor Who Monthly" reviews: (March - 'Doctor Who On The Web Planet' comic strip reviewed by James Hadwen, 'The Dark Flame' CD reviewed by Colin John Francis; April - 'Time-Flight' novelisation reviewed by Paul Castle, 'Revolution Man' novel reviewed by Wesley Osam; May - 'Turlough And The Earthlink Dilemma' spin-off novel reviewed by Terry Francis, 'The Aztecs' tv story reviewed by Arfie Mansfield)
  • "Who Cares!" by Tim Hirst
  • "In The Beginning" by Adam Stone
  • "Licence Denied" recalled by Jon Arnold
  • "Nasty, Brutish, And Short" by Paul Castle
  • Cartoon: "Alien's Anonymous" by Mike Morgan
  • "Unmuddying The Waters" by Lawrence Burton
  • "And Cut It Now!" by Jon Arnold
  • "Season Of Mists And Mellow Fruitfulness" by Paul Castle
  • Cartoon: "Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor" by Mike Morgan

Issue 6

Shooty Dog Thing 6 was issued in Summer 2008.

  • Cover - “The Year Of Intelligent Tigers” by Andy Mason
  • Editorial by Paul Castle
  • First Doctor Wordsearch by Terry Francis
  • Interview with Paul Scoones
  • “Do The MONSTER MASH” by Paul Castle, illustrated by Mike Morgan
  • “The Enemy Within” by Charles Daniels
  • “AlternativeZ” (G, H, & I) by Terry Francis
  • Comic strip - “The Pen Store Adventure” by Leslie McMurtry
  • “The Curse Of Fatal Death - The Board Game!” by Paul Castle
  • “Doctor Who Monthly” - reviews by Wesley Osam (The Year Of Intelligent Tigers), Adam Stone (Remembrance Of The Daleks), Arfie Mansfield (The Time Meddler), Colin John Francis (Sympathy For The Devil), James Hadwen (Final Genesis), and Paul Castle (Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD)
  • Interview with Julian Eales & Selina Lock
  • “Two’s Firsts” by Terry Francis
  • “Moths Ate Toby Hadoke’s Doctor Who Scarf” reviewed by Ali Bongo, Paul Castle, and Tim Hirst Back Cover -* “Frank The Macra” by Mike Morgan

Issue 7

Shooty Dog Thing 7 was issued in Autumn 2008.

  • TenDoc & Rose Cover - Aimee Steinberger
  • Editorial by Paul Castle
  • Interview with Chris McKeon (new book: Time's Champion)
  • "Alien Bodies: The End Was Nigh?" by Jon Arnold
  • Eighth Doctor cartoon by Mike Morgan
  • "On The Other Hand..." by Paul Castle
  • "Big Finish 1998-2008: From Benny To Many!" by Nicole Redo
  • "The Wrath Of The Terrible Zodin!" cartoon by Mike Morgan
  • “AlternativeZ” (J, K, & L) by Terry Francis
  • "Recurring Monsters And Villains" by Louise Sellers (graph by Paul Castle)
  • "Almost But Not Quite A Life" cartoon by Mike Morgan
  • "Doctor Who Monthly" - reviews by Wesley Osam (Managra), Adam Stone (The Romans), Arfie Mansfield (The Joy Device), James Hadwen (The Stockbridge Horror), Colin John Francis (Exile), and Paul Castle (The Five Doctors)
  • Interview with Jon Connors (new fanzine: Jargon)
  • "Tune In, Tune Out" by Nick Mellish
  • "Missing Episodes?" by Paul Castle
  • "William Hartnell's Hats And A Hundred And One Other Questions..." by Paul Castle
  • "Tennant's Hamlet" reviewed by Jon Arnold
  • "Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor: Invasion Of The Dinosaurs" cartoon by Mike Morgan
  • "Steven Taylor: The Real Hero Of Sixties Doctor Who" by Leslie McMurtry
  • The Terry Francis Crossword
  • "The Biggest Cop-Out Ending In Doctor Who - Ever!" by Paul Castle
  • "Well-Prepared" cartoon by Aimee Steinberger

Issue 8

Shooty Dog Thing 8 was issued in January 2009.

  • Second Doctor, Ben & Polly Cover by Danielle Ellison
  • Editorial by Paul Castle
  • "Doctor Who And The War Machines Of The Daleks" by Paul Castle
  • "AlternativeZ" (M, N, & O) by Terry Francis
  • Interview with Simon A Forward
  • "Doctor Who Monthly" - reviews by Wesley Osam (Bad Therapy), James Gent (The Two Doctors), Paul Castle (Abslom Daak... Dalek Killer!), James Hadwen (The Tides Of Time), Colin John Francis (Excelis Dawns), and Arfie Mansfield (The Sea Devils)
  • "Cy-Fi" by Paul Castle
  • "Another Blatant Shelf Life Plug..." by Jay Eales
  • "Lost Keys!" by Paul Castle
  • "Better Bad Than Trad?" by Finn Clark
  • "The Obligatory 11th Doctor Speculation Bit" by Paul Castle
  • "The Wordsearch Of Steel" by Terry Francis
  • "Stockbridge" by James Hadwen
  • "The Terrible Zodin" recommended by Paul Castle
  • "The (Not So) Terrible Zodin!" review by Jon Arnold
  • "Bad Joke" cartoon by Danielle Ellison and Paul Castle

Issue 9

Shooty Dog Thing 9 was issued in April 2009.

  • Second Doctor, Jamie & Victoria Cover by Danielle Ellison
  • Editorial by Paul Castle
  • "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" by Paul Castle
  • "What do you think of the casting of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor?" by loadsa people (forgot to thank you in the editorial: so thanks everyone, much appreciated!)
  • "Iris? Iris? Who the heck is Iris?" by Jon Arnold
  • Interview with Paul Magrs
  • Conjugal Rites review by Stuart Douglas
  • Interview with Mark Wright & Cavan Scott
  • "Doctor Who Monthly" - reviews by James Hadwen (Nature Of The Beast), Nicole Redo (Seasons Of Fear), Wesley Osam (Trading Futures), Paul Castle (Star Tigers), James Gent (The Nightmare Fair), and Arfie Mansfield (The TVM)
  • "Re: The Other Issue" - "Shocked!" by Louise Sellers, "An Imperfect Mirror" by Paul Castle, "Missing Pieces" by Jon Arnold
  • Cartoon by Mike Morgan
  • "Doctor What If?" by Nick Mellish and Paul Castle
  • "Season Of Mists And General Fudginess" by Paul Castle
  • "AlternativeZ" (P, Q, & R) by Terry Francis
  • Anneke Wills - "Naked" reviewed by Paul Castle
  • "Base Under Siege" by Arfie Mansfield
  • "Auntie Iris's A-Z Guide To The Rubbish Monsters" by Erik Pollitt

Issue 10

Shooty Dog Thing 10 was issued July 2009.

  • 'Future Legend' cover by Cody Schell
  • Editorial by Paul Castle
  • 'Photo Of The Quarter' by Chad Knueppe
  • 'Short Trips: The End Of The Road' by Jon Arnold
  • Lance Parkin interviewed by Paul Castle
  • 'Where We But Dream To Go' poem by Simon Bucher-Jones
  • 'AlternativeZ': Survivors and The Tomorrow People reviewed by Terry Francis
  • '6b Or Not 6b' by Paul Castle
  • 'Who Could Have Been The Four-Five-Six? (It's A Fan Thing)' by Paul Castle
  • 'PPG?' picture by Paul Montgomery
  • 'Doctor Who Monthly' reviews: 'Action In Exile' by James Hadwen, 'The Choice' by Paul Castle, 'Vampire Science' by Wesley Osam, 'The Maltese Penguin' by Nicole Redo, 'Slipback' by James Gent, 'The Dominators' by Arfie Mansfield
  • Stuart Douglas interviewed by Paul Castle
  • Iris Wildthyme 'Movie Posters' by Cody Schell
  • 'The Panda Book Of Horror' picture by Paul Magrs
  • 'Iris Wildthyme And The Celestial Omnibus' reviewed by Jon Arnold
  • 'Happy Times And Places' by Paul Castle
  • Gareth Kavanagh interviewed by Paul Castle
  • 'The Master's Life On Mars' comic strip preview from Vworp Vworp by Gareth Kavanagh and John Daiker
  • From 'Black Scrolls': Ten Questions for Anneke Wills and Sophie Aldred by Gareth Kavanagh
  • 'Suits You Sir!' by Paul Castle
  • 'The Randomiser' by Paul Castle
  • 'Fixing A Hole' by Nick Mellish
  • 'Frank the Macra' cartoon by Mike Morgan


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