The Light Is Just Now Reachin' Earth

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Title: The Light Is Just Now Reachin' Earth
Publisher: The Other Wine-Press
Editor(s): Everett Mills
Date(s): 1987
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Blake's 7 & Doctor Who & multimedia
Language: English
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The Light Is Just Now Reachin' Earth is a gen stapled, about 60-page (one side only) anthology. The cover and graphics are by Fontasy and the inside art is by Merle Fager. In flyers it was advertised as being "a new fanzine published in Kansas to promote media fiction in the Midwest."

cover by Fontasy

The Light Is Just Now Reachin' Earth 1 was published in 1987 and contains 57 pages.

  • Editor's Notes (2)
  • Twisted Time by Mark Brinkman (Original Fiction) (3)
  • The L-Team by Robert Collins (Blake's 7/The A-Team) (9)
  • A Critical View of the JN-T Era Pt. 1 by Robert Collins (18)
  • Return (Blake's 7 - 5th Season) by Everett Mills (36)
  • Star Trek: The Real Second Pilot by Robert Collins (41)
  • Blake's 7: The Other Beginning by Robert Collins (42)
  • Previews of Not Coming Attractions by Robert Collins (43)
  • Sole Survivor by Mark Brinkman (Original Fiction) (45)
  • Space Age Whiz Kids by Robert Collins (filk) (47)
  • Born on Galifrey by Robert Collins (filk) (Doctor Who) (48)
  • Stairway to E-Space by Robert Collins (filk) (Doctor Who) (49)
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by Robert Collins (filk) (Doctor Who) (50)
  • Life's Been Good? by Robert Collins (filk) (Doctor Who) (51)
  • Some Violence Tonight by Robert Collins (filk) (Blake's 7) (52)
  • Steppin' Out by Meg Mills (filk) (Blake's 7) (53)
  • The Invisible Touch by Robert Collins (filk) (Blake's 7) (54)
  • Hotel Federation by Robert Collins (filk) (Blake's 7) (55)
  • Blake by Meg Mills (filk) (Blake's 7) (57)