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Title: Qui to Time
Publisher: Milwaukee Time Lords
Editor(s): see article
Date(s): 1990-1992
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Doctor Who & Blake's 7, later issues: multimedia
Language: English
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Qui to Time is gen Doctor Who and Blake's 7 anthology that had multimedia content in later issues.

From the publisher: "The 'Qui to Time' is the title of official fanzines of the Milwaukee Time Lords. The series, like the Milwaukee Time Lords themselves, is devoted to short stories based on science fiction and British programs. Past editions have included stories from Blake's 7, Star Trek, Star Wars, Red Dwarf, and more. In addition, we have two separate editions, sufficiently distinct from the Qui series in that they are completely written by one person and form a larger 'novel-length' story." [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Kathy Signer

Qui to Time 1 was published in 1990 and contains 78 pages.

  • Introduction pp. 7
  • After by Margaret DeFoe (Blake's 7) pp. 9-11 (Gauda Prime isn't the end for the Blake's 7 story! Join Vila as he narrates the harrowing escape. But will there be a price to pay?)
  • Friends and Family by Susan Skibba (Blake's 7) pp. 12-17 (An alternative to Gauda Prime - what if Blake had avoided Avon's fire? Who would survive? Who and how would this change the lives of the Liberator crew. A "what if" story with a surprise ending.)
  • The Realization by Margaret DeFoe (Doctor Who) pp. 18-23 (Rachelle only wanted to visit other worlds; not to interfere. What could possibly happen if she borrowed a TARDIS for a few days? And where is the Doctor during all this?)
  • The Perfect Vacation by Susan Skibba (Dr Who) pp. 24-33 (The fourth Doctor promised Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan a perfect vacation on Ochran, but a thunderstorm was only the beginning of their troubles. Familiar faces return, just in time to discover a terrible secret ...)
  • The Institution by Jay Badenhoop (Doctor Who) pp. 34-49 (The seventh Doctor and Ace materialize in a sinister mental hospital where the doctors seem to be interested in more than just helping patients. Will the Doctor and Ace become the next victims of one man's obsession for control of the mind?)
  • Beyond the Vortex by Barbara Brown (Doctor Who) pp. 50-78 (Someone on Gallifrey is stealing the Time Lords' regenerations, but who is it and why? The ninth Doctor tries to find the answers with the help of other Time Lords, Leela's children, and a professor from Earth, but will he be in time?)
  • cover by Kathy Signer, interior art by: Barbara Brown, Marti Kraus, Kathy Signer
  • Fanzine Editor: Susan Skibba, Assistant Editor: Jay Badenhoop, Fanzine title by Glenn Braatz, Logo design by Susan Skibba, Word processing by Jay Badenhoop, Graphics Tim Lambert, thanks to Marti Kraus, Scott Brunkow, Michelle Palmer, & Ed Hochman

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Barbara Brown

Qui to Time 2 was published in 1991 and contains 145 pages..

  • Introduction pp. v
  • Sword of Valour by Patti Johnston (Doctor Who) pp. 1-10 (MacSuggett, a Scottish Laird from the year 1043 is transported to the planet Baltan. When the TARDIS is diverted to the same planet, the 2nd Doctor and Jamie suspect something very strange is going on. Who is behind it and why? Who is the mysterious Garrick, and why does he know so much about the Doctor's past?)
  • What About Loneliness by John Ree (Dr Who) pp. 11-19 (Hoping to withdraw some money from an automated teller, Sherry Ann Benton wanders into the twelfth Doctor's TARDIS instead. What awaits them when they answer a distress beacon? An old friend, some very nasty pepperpots, and a disturbingly familiar stranger are all part of the answer.)
  • Past Lost by Margaret DeFoe (Blake's 7) pp. 20-26 (Avon and Vila meet for the very first time.)
  • School Days by Susan Skibba (Blake's 7) pp. 27-34 (Another version of Avon and Vila's first meeting.)
  • End of the Line by Barbara Brown (Doctor Who) pp. 35-54 (The 5th Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough barely escape from a time crevasse, a trap of the Black Guardian's. Travelling back in time to Milwaukee of 1984, the trio encounter a bus caught in the crevasse, but will they be able to save the passengers in time?)
  • Duo by Susan Skibba (Blake's 7) pp. 55-145 (In their separate searches for precious crystals, Servalan and Avon are forced into an uneasy alliance when they are stranded on Drallex, a planet inhabited by the Lilton, hostile, birdlike creatures.)
  • cover by Barbara Brown, interior art by: Barbara Brown, Debbie Frey, Marti Kraus, Kathy Signer
  • Fanzine Editor Ed Hochman, Assistant Editor Barbara Brown, Logo design by Susan Skibba, Proofreading Barbara Brown, Marti Kraus, Jay Badenhoop, Word processing by Barbara Brown, Layout Cheryl Baumann, Margaret De Foe, & Susan Skibba, thanks to Marti Kraus, Michelle Palmer, & Ed Hochman

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Barbara Brown

Qui to Time 3 was published in November 1992 and contains 146 pages.

  • Fast Forward by Barbara Brown (Doctor Who) pp. 1-33 (While travelling in the TARDIS to England of 1986, the sixth Doctor disappears and Melanie is transported forty-three years ahead in time where she discovers a horrifying future. What happened to the Doctor, what went wrong, and can the future be changed?)
  • Affair with the Unknown by Debra Jacobson (Blake's 7) pp. 34-46 (Before joining up with Blake's rebels, Cally works at a center for the telepathically gifted. But why is Tad hiding his abilities from the center's officials? And what happened to Joey, another gifted youngster? As Cally gets deeper into the investigation, she finds herself falling into danger in a place where everyone's thoughts are disquietingly transparent.)
  • Holiday by Susan Skibba (Blake's 7) pp. 47-91 (Blake's original crew decides to vacation on a exclusive holiday planet. Just as the crew are in the middle of enjoying two weeks of adventure, fun, and romance, complications arise when Servalan appears on the scene.)
  • Avon's Quest by Paul Hamilton (Dr Who / Blake's 7) pp. 93-123 (Avon and Villa are rescued from the Gauda Prime disaster just in time by the sixth Doctor and Peri. The rebels insist that the Doctor take them back in time to rescue Blake, but how can the Doctor help the pair without violating the First Law of Time?)
  • To Blake & Avon by Debra Jacobson (Blake's 7) pp. 123 (Poetry.)
  • The Amazon Affair by Mark Christenson (Doctor Who) pp. 124-137 (The sixth Doctor, Peri, and Bill Anderson, a geology student at USC, investigate the site of a radiation leak in the Bolvian jungle.)
  • Judas by Barbara Brown (Blake's 7) pp. 138-158 (Ten years after Gauda Prime, a familiar stranger persuades locksmith Jareth Avery, a former rebel who would rather conceal his past, to raid the Federation Treasury on Foolon Theta, or is it all so simple as that?)
  • cover by Barbara Brown, interior art by: Barbara Brown, Mark Hansen, Marti Kraus
  • Editor-in-Chief Jay Badenhoop, Technical Editor Christy Sloan, Fiction Editor Barbara Brown, Fanzine title by Glenn Braatz, Logo design by Susan Skibba, Word processing by Barbara & John Brown, thanks to Matt Rodenkirk for duplication and collating

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Marti Kraus
sample inside page
sample inside page

Qui to Time 4 was published in 1992 and contains 215 pages.

  • Introduction pp. 3
  • The Experimenters by Linda Marie Kelly (Dr Who) pp. 5-30 (The 4th Doctor materializes on an alien planet only to find himself captured to become a guinea pig for sinister medical experiments. Can the Doctor and the other experiment subjects escape their captors, and why are the experimenters so interested in the fact that the Doctor is a Time Lord?)
  • Birthday by Christy Sloan (Red Dwarf) pp. 31-45 (After Lister's disconcerting adventure in Parallel Universe, he becomes pregnant. How will Lister handle morning sickness, Rimmer's gloating, and the fact that he is the first human in three million years - and the only man - to give birth?)
  • Peace at Last by Debra Jacobson & Margaret DeFoe (Blake's 7) pp. 46-62 (Cally, concerned about the tension Avon is undergoing, convinces him to take a break and visit a nearby planet to relax. But the planet, while beautiful, is neither as restful nor as peaceful as either expect. In the process Cally and Avon come to share a special bond. In an attempt to shake off the effects of the planet, Avon abandons the crew to an even deadlier trap. How can Cally alert Avon to the danger he is in and rescue him?)
  • The Road Less Traveled by Dayton Ward (Star Trek) pp. 63-91 (Kirk is recalled from retirement and is reunited with most of his original crew to go on a delicate and dangerous diplomatic mission as the Federation continues the peace discussions with the Klingons. What will be the Romulan's role in this deadly game, and what will be Kirk's ultimate fate?)
  • The Visit-Relatively Speaking by Susan Skibba (Doctor Who) pp. 93-155 (After the 4th Doctor's adventure on the planet Ochran with Harry, Sarah, Ian, and Barbara, the Doctor visits Susan, who chose to remain behind on future Earth to marry David Campbell. But all has not gone well on the planet since the Doctor was last there. A mysterious fungus has destroyed any crops the survivors from the Dalek invasion tried to raise, and rival gangs scavenge for what little resources remain. Visious packs of dogs, under the control of an unknown source, also menace the survivors. Will the Doctor and his companions be able to combat the problem in time?)
  • Turnabout by Barbara Brown and Chris Lang (Red Dwarf) pp. 156-171 (After a disastarous meal of quiche vindaloo, Rimmer awakes to discover that he has become real and Lister has become a hologram. While the Cat appears to be himself, Kryten has completely disappeared. What has happened to Kryten, why does the Cat appear to be without a proper change of clothes, and will things ever get back to normal?)
  • The Aftermath by Debra Jacobson (Blake's 7) pp. 172-181 (After being wounded in the Gauda Prime disaster, Vila wakes to find two of his crewmates have survived the assault. The three attempt to find out what happened to the others, recover OCAC, and find a way of escaping the clutches of the Federation soldiers that now detain them.)
  • A Slip in Time by Ed Hochman (Quantum Leap/Star Trek:TNG) pp. 182-214 (Cut off from his own timeline, Sam leaps into the Star Trek universe to correct a mistake someone in the Enterprise crew unknowingly made on a past mission now threatening to explode into intergalactic war. Who did Sam leap into, and how will he ever be able to solve the dilemma without the help of Al or Ziggy?)
  • cover art by Marti Kraus, interior art by: Barbara Brown,Marti Kraus, Mark Hansen
  • Fanzine Editor Ed Hochman, Assistant Editor Barbara Brown, Logo design by Susan Skibba, Proofreading Barbara Brown, Marti Kraus, Jay Badenhoop, Word processing by Barbara Brown, Layout Barbara Brown, Marti Kraus, Ed Hochman, thanks to Marti Kraus, Ed Hochman, Barbara Brown, John Brown, Dick Evans, Dean Gustin, Doug Wilson, & Christina

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, Marti Kraus

Qui to Time 5 was published in 1992 and contains 124 pages.

  • B7-related nonfiction: John Brown, "The University of Thorus Beta" (class schedule; humor; Doctor Who crossover)
  • Introduction pp. 4-5
  • How to Build a TARDIS by Barbara Brown (Dr Who) pp. 6-8 (A brief misguide on how to build your very own Type 40 TARDIS.)
  • The Secret by Marti Kraus (Star Trek / Doctor Who) pp. 10-22 (Commander K'Tor dabbles in eugenics in a plan to gain superiority over the Romulans. His daughter T'Marka meets up with the Third Doctor and discovers a secret that might rock the very foundations of Time Lord society.)
  • Ask Alpha Centauri by Barbara Brown (Dr Who) pp. 24-25 (A series of three comical advice columns from your favorite heraphrodite hexapod, Alpha Centauri.)
  • Tales and Songs of Yuletide Cheer by Barbara Brown, Linda Kelly, Marti Kraus, Elizabeth Wegner (Doctor Who) pp. 26-29 (filks, Sing along with the Doctor in the merry old season of Dalekmas. We provide you the lyrics (set to familiar Christmas tunes) - you do the rest.)
  • I, DOCTORUS by Barbara Brown (Doctor Who/Star Trek/I, Claudius) pp. 30 (It's 11 BC and science fiction has taken over the BBC epic I, Claudius in this amusing mock advert.)
  • The Buying a TARDIS Sketch by Barbara Brown (Doctor Who/Monty Python) pp. 31-33 (And now for something completely different, it's ... the Doctor and his companion try to buy a new TARDIS from two extremely uncooperative Pythonesque clerks.)
  • The University of Thorus Beta by John Brown (Doctor Who/Blake's 7/Quantum Leap, etc.) pp. 34-37 (A comic college class schedule. Learn Time Travel, How to Be a Companion, Alien Fashion, and more!)
  • Ask a Telepath by Barbara Brown (Doctor Who/Blake's 7/Star Trek) pp. 38 (Deanna Troi and Cally answer questions using their telepathic abilities in this humorous column.)
  • Jon Pertwee- The 3rd Doctor: A Viewer's Misguide by John Brown (Doctor Who) pp. 39-42 (A zany, quirky, satiric, but - we're almost afraid to admit - moderately accurate look at the episode of the tuxedoed Doctor.)
  • "Doc" Brown's Wacky Doctor Who Crossword by Lloyd Brown (Doctor Who) pp. 43-45 (This fiendishly difficult puzzle might well have been designed by the Master. Not for the faint of heart. Try it if you dare!)
  • An Alien's Guide to Wisconsin by Barbara Brown (General science fiction) pp. 46-53 (A wacky look at Wisconsin through the eyes of extraterrestrials who get more than just a few things wrong. Beer, bratwurst, cows, and more.)
  • Star Trek - The Soap Opera by Barbara Brown (Star Trek: TNG) pp. 57-64 (Satin and lace, the final brassiere...join the fun in this outrageous spoof where nerd Wimply Butcher can't find his pocket protector, Dinner Tray's metazonk abilities put everyone to sleep, and someone has connected the showers to the transporter pad.)
  • Doctor Who - The Continuing Saga by Susan Skibba, Chris Vincent, Cheryl Baumann, Marti Kraus, Roxanne Abston, Margaret DeFoe, John Brown, Barbara Brown, and Timothy Lambert (Doctor Who) pp. 65-76 (Join the Doctor and Leela in their adventures on the planet Lyanthrophy in a plot that takes unexpected twists and turns - some serious, some hilarious - with the addition of each writer in this ad-on story.)
  • The Short and Tragic Diary of Adric of Alzarius by Barbara Brown (Doctor Who) pp. 77-81 (The diary Adric might have written, looking at episodes he appeared in from a satiric viewpoint.)
  • Nestene Cafe and Grill by John Brown (Dr Who) pp. 82 (Sushi galore in the short mock advert saluting the Third Doctor's defeat of the Nestene.)
  • A Typical Conversation Regarding a Sponge and the Destiny of the Entire Universe by Jay Harber (General science fiction) pp. 83-85 (A piece of inspired lunacy.)
  • This Grimm Old House by Barbara Brown (Fantasy) pp. 86-89 (If fairytales really existed, would they have public television? The crew of a popular PBS home improvement show visits the house of the witch from Hansel and Gretel in this parody.)
  • Forever at (K)Night by Debra Jacobson (Forever Knight) pp. 92 (Poetry)
  • Star Trek Voyager: The Lost Generation by Barbara Brown (Star Trek:Voyager/Dr Who/Red Dwarf/Mel Brooks) pp. 93-124 (Will Captain Castaway lead her crew safely to Midol? Does horseradish go well with Kaisers? Where do all thos socks go when you do wash? The answers to these and other important mysteries are provided in this spoof.)
  • cover art by Marti Kraus, interior art by: Barbara Brown, Marti Kraus, Jay Harber
  • Fanzine Editor: Barbara Brown, Assistant Editor: Marti Kraus, Revision editing: Carijean Buhk, Logo design by Susan Skibba


  1. from The Milwaukee Time Lords