Thettie's Ditties

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Filk Songbook
Title: Thettie's Ditties
Publisher: The Press Gang
Date(s): 1985
Medium: print
Subject: Doctor Who
Language: English
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Thettie's Ditties is a 25-page Doctor Who filk zine. It has a sequel called Thetties, Too. The title comes from The Doctor's college nickname, "here to haunt him again."


"Titled after the Doctor's nickname. Actual Doctor-tested (really!) filks, reprinted from the Official Who-Tex Doctor Who Filk Book. Every tune singable, suitable for all ages. Covers all incarnations, many Companions and monsters, and events. About 50 songs, most never seen before in print outside of Who-Tex Con! Atlanta Leyda, Connie Crouch, Jill Stone, Barbara O'Quinn, CIndy Dye and others contribute to this silliness. The cover is by Crouch. Cardstock cover, 9500 xerox, staple-fold binding, 8.5 x 5.5." [1]

Reactions and Reviews

What do you do when you are waiting and waiting and waiting in an autograph line at a [convention]]? Well, sing of course! And with Thettie's Ditties you have all the material you need. There's 25 pages of filksongs (songs which have had their lyrices to fit Doctor Who) with some art scattered throughout. However, the zine is not without its problems. The lyrics are great, but I have simply never heard of the songs 'O, Tannenbum,' 'French Cathedrals,' 'Erie Canal,' or 'Frere Jacques,' have you? Yet, there are some real gems among this collection of filk which help make up for the others. One of my most favorite is 'Romanadvoratelundar' song to 'John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmitt,' which goes: 'Rom-an-ad-vora-tre-lun-dar! her name's an awful pain. It's very seldom said, it really should be Fred. Rom-an-ad-vora-tre-lun-dar! Rom-an-ad-vora-tre-lun-dar! (repeat ad nauseum) Now, doesn't that sound like a Top Ten Hit? This fanzine is priceless to those fans who enjoy a good singing (or in some cases, screeching) session at a convention. In fact, some of these songs were screeched (Ahem, I mean, sung) by Jon Pertwee and Colin Baker at a convention. So, there you are! Filk that's good enough for TWO Doctors! [2]


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