Amazing Journeys

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Title: Amazing Journeys
Publisher: Doctor Who Appreciation Society
Editor(s): Jeremy Bentham?
Date(s): 1979
Medium: print
Size: A5
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
External Links: pdf download on dwasonline
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Amazing Journeys is a Doctor Who fanzine published by the reference department of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society in 1979. From the DWAS website:

'Amazing Journeys' was the third special publication from the DWAS Reference Department run then by Jeremy Bentham. It followed the 'Dalek Cyberman Autumn Extra' and 'The Companion Volume'. The original publication was A5 and probably the most ambitious the Reference Department had attempted up to that point. The quality of the scan is very dependant on the original document and has been enhanced as much as possible.[1]


  • "The Seventies" - A look at the series today and its roots through ten years in colour. The changes and what it portends for the Eighties.
  • "Time Lord Data Extract" - William Hartnell : the First Doctor
  • "Dalekmania" - A personal appraisal of a unique phenomenon which took place, in the main, between 1964 and 1966.
  • "Where It Began" - The TARDIS, the remarkable Time/Space machine of the Doctor.
  • "Time Lord Data Extract" - Patrick Troughton : the Second Doctor
  • "Robert Holmes - The Grand Master" - As Robert Holmes notches up over a decade with DR WHO, a look back at the seriale contributed to the programme by this prolific author.
  • "Time Lord Data Extract" - John Pertwee : the Third Doctor
  • "The Sixties" - At last, the full story. The birth of the series, development of the Doctor as a role and an analysis of the unique atmosphere of the monochrome years.
  • "Time Lord Data Extract" - Tom Baker : the Fourth Doctor
  • "60's Cyberman, 70's Daleks"
  • "Amazing Journeys -- ad finitum ?"


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