The Prydonian Renegade

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Title: The Prydonian Renegade
Publisher: The Prydonians of Prynceton
Editor(s): Gary S. Blog
Tom Beck
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1984-?
Frequency: monthly
Fandom: multimedia, mainly Doctor Who
External Links: Prydonians - Basic Information, Archived version
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front of June 1986 issue

The Prydonian Renegade was a gen mainly non-fiction monthly club newsletter that ran about 12-16 pages an issue.

It began in 1984 as a primarily Doctor Who newsletter, and in 1986, branched out to Blake's 7 and a year later, started to include all television and movie science fiction shows.

It had an honorable mention in the 2002 FanQ Awards.


The origins of "The Prydonian Renegade":
Back in 1984 we started as a Doctor Who fan club. We were all living between Trenton and New Brunswick, NJ, and had our meetings at someone's home in Princeton. New Jersey Network had just aired the episode "The Deadly Assassin" (like - there's some other kind of non-deadly assassin? But I digress...) in which the Doctor (played by Tom Baker) returned to his home planet of Gallifrey to solve a mystery and prevent a crime. We learn in this episode that the Doctor's people, the Time Lords, belong to various different 'chapters' (presumably based on the colleges they attended; sort of a satire of the English "old boy network"). The Doctor is a member of the Prydonian Chapter, described as both the most powerful and the most devious of all the chapters. Since the Doctor ran away from Gallifrey and renounced his position in Time Lord society, one Gallifreyan official refers to him as 'a Prydonian renegade.' Hmmm, sounds like a good title for a publication...! In 1986, we began to cover Blakes 7 as well as Doctor Who. In 1987, when Star Trek: The Next Generation came on the air, we gradually began to include all TV and movie science fiction. Plus, we quickly started attracting members from outside the Trenton-New Brunswick area. So maybe we should have changed our name. BUT - we incorporated as "Prydonians of Prynceton" in 1986. And what the heck, we started as a Doctor Who club and we're still a Doctor Who club. We're just not only a Doctor Who club anymore!" [1]

v.3 n.3

The Prydonian Renegade v. 3 no.3 was published in June 1986.

The December 1989 issue includes an article about the Doctor Who scarf.

v.5 n.11

The Prydonian Renegade v. 5 no. 11 contains a Blake's 7 story.

v.5 n.12

The Prydonian Renegade v. 5 no. 12

An issue was published in January 1993 which contained an interview with Terry Nation, conducted via telephone by Tom Beck, abut the future of Blake's 7 ("The future of Blakes 7 - TN has thought out a detailed synopsis of PGP events.")

v.10 n.1

The Prydonian Renegade v. 10 no. 1 was published in April 1993 and contains 14 pages. It has articles on Dr. Who, Star Trek the Next Generation, Quantum Leap, Babylon 5, etc. many tongue-in-cheek for the April 1st edition.

v.10 n.9

The Prydonian Renegade v. 10 no. 9 was published in December 1993.

v.10 n.10

The Prydonian Renegade v. 10 no. 10 was published in March 1994.


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