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You may be looking for Aukon, another Doctor Who zine.

Title: Auton
Editor(s): Robert Hammond
Date(s): 1989-1998, 2010
Medium: print
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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Auton is a gen Doctor Who anthology of fiction and art. It contains material that is sarcastic, humorous, and adult. A 20th issue was planned for 2003, but it came out in 2010 instead.

The title is a reference to the evil plastic robots that appear in several Doctor Who episodes.

Issue 1

Auton 1 was published in Summer 1989.

  • Project Omega
  • brief Michael Craze interview
  • "Cooking a Dalek"
  • humor and more.

Issue 2

Auton 2 was published in 1989.

Issue 3

Auton 3 was published in Spring 1989

A good humoured fanzine from Robert and friends. This issue featured Honorary Autoness, Sophie Aldred: A signing at Cafe Munchen by Sophie is featured with commentry by the Editor himself as he meets the young star in person. A quick chat and a signed photo and it's over before it began. Various photos of Sophie by J.J. 'Mad dog' Carlise are included with the article with typical good humoured captions to accompany them.

THE GAME a picture-strip written by Robert Hammond and drawn by J.J. Carlise reaches part three, featuring Tom Baker as the Doctor.DREAMSCAPE in which readers are invited to send in their 'Doctor Who' dreams! ANSWERS featured Sophie Aldred. Robert: Do you like the way Ace has developed since her first appearance in DRAGONFIRE? Sophie: Yes I do - I've had really good reactions as well which means the character must have developed the way people wanted. I feel it's really stretched me as an actress. The final question from Robert: How much longer would you like to play the part? Sophie: As long as the character continues

By the time this issue was released, news of the series' end had been sadly, confirmed. THE MESS featured the muses of Daniel Vickery and Robert Hammond who noted that "GHOSTLIGHT was very good - atmospheric but bewildering. The acting of Ian Hogg was much appreciated, unlike Richard Briers in PARADISE TOWERS who must have thought he was doing JACKANORY."

HERES THE '90s! by J.J.Carlise was a half-hearted look at the forth-coming 27th series with starts "...with the regeneration of the Doctor into David Bowie, complete with obligatory songs ( minimum two per episode )."

"However, the BBC realise that paying Mr. bowie to perform two songs on episode will push the T.V. license up to £650 a household, so the Doctor regenergates into Frankie Howerd..."

The issue concludes with a short piece of fiction by Robert Hammond, THIS ANIMAL HEART with an illustration by Deaky Wanderer. Artwork is featured throughout the issue with the likes of DIRTY HARRY, ASTERIX THE GAUL, 'ALLO 'ALLO and GHOSTBUSTERS all getting a Doctor Who make-over by Richard Johnston. SEASON 26 A PICTORIAL REVIEW featured artwork from Robert Hammond, Daniel Vickery, Richard Johnson and myself, Colin-John Rodgers. [1]

Issue 4

Auton 4 was published in Summer 1990.

Issue 5

Auton 5 was published in 1990.

Issue 6

Auton 6 was published in 1990.

Issue 7

Auton 7 was published in Spring 1991. It contains the short story, The Game & The Lullaby by Robert Hammond and Li Webster.

Issue 8

Auton 8 was published in 1991.

Issue 9

Auton 9 was published in 1992.

Issue 10

Auton 10 was published in 1994.

Issue 11

Auton 11 was published in 1994.

Issue 12

Auton 12 was published in 1995.

Issue 13

Auton 13 was published in 1995.

Issue 14

Auton 14 was published in 1995.

Issue 15

Auton 15 was published in 1996.

Issue 16

Auton 16 was published in 1996.

Issue 17

Auton 17 was published in 1996.

Issue 18

Auton 18 was published in 1997.

Issue 19

Auton 19 was published in 1998.

Issue 20

Auton 20 was published in 2010. It is subtitled, "Shock & Awe (Best of)". [1]


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