The Cricketer

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Title: The Cricketer:
Publisher: Portals Press
Editor(s): MaryAnn Johanson
Date(s): 1989-1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Doctor Who
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The Cricketer: Tales of the Fifth Doctor is an anthology Doctor Who fanzine published by MaryAnn Johanson. At least two issues were published.

Issue 1

The Cricketer 1 was published in 1989 and contains 124 pages. Cover art is by Ann Larimer; interior art is by Mike Lucart, Cynthia Case, Theresa Buffaloe, Emily Penfield, Julie Nowak, Debra Reuss, Al Manachino & Kevin Duncan.

cover of issue #1, Ann Larimer

From a 1992 ad in Zine Scene: "A celebration of the fifth Doctor that takes him and his friends from Little Hodcombe to colonial America to the ends of the universe, from run-ins with the Celestial Toymaker and the Rani to two very dangerous cups of tea. Contains some adult material."

  • Let Nothing You Dismay by Liz Shaw (4)
  • Mending Ways by Thomas Falco (16)
  • Reflections in a Teacup by Rachel Nash (20)
  • Enslavement by MaryAnn Johanson (28)
  • The T'Srinesti Gambit by Michael S. Lucart (56)
  • Larceny in Lizon by Elaine Christiani (81)
  • Paradise by MaryAnn Johanson (90)
  • Requiem by Michael S. Lucart--Poem. (101)
  • Fate of the Universe by Autumn Lee (102) (reprinted from Adara #1)

Issue 2

The Cricketer 2 contains 150 pages and was published in 1992. Cover art is by Ann Larimer; internal art is by Martin Proctor, Denise Loague, Andrea Robbins, Belinda Couch, Emily Penfield, Al Manachino & Kevin Duncan.

front cover of issue #2
From a submission request in Zine Scene:
The much-demanded sequel to the all-fifth-Doctor zine should be ready to go to press this fall with lots of delectable fiction. There'll be crossovers with Campion (by Jennifer Adams), Kill the Dead (by Jeff Morris), and Costner's Robin Hood (an Ayren Tabeth story by MaryAnn Johanson). We have Turlough fiction from Liz Shaw and Margaret Ruble and much more. Will contain some adult material.
  • Strange Deceiver by M.S. Moroney (4)
  • Spirits in the Material World by Jeff Morris--Crossover with Kill the Dead. (11)
  • By Truth Made Free by Liz Shaw (20)
  • Astronomy by Margaret Ruble (27)
  • Bat Caves of Androzani by Andrea Robbins--Comic strip. (29)
  • The Player on the Other Side by M.S. Moroney (42)
  • The Matchmakers by Joelle Augustine (51)
  • The Virgin Queen by Autumn Lee (56)
  • Heaven's Gate by John Jay (60)
  • Foes and Friends by Michael S. Lucart (69)
  • Welcome to Reeva by Elaine Christiani (76)
  • The Deadly Inheritance by Jennifer Adams--Crossover with Campion. (103)
  • The Locksley Dagger by MaryAnn Johanson--Crossover with Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.