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Title: Aggedor
Editor(s): Alec Charles
Date(s): 1982-1986
Medium: print
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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Aggedor is a gen Doctor Who anthology edited by Alec Charles. Size: A5. There are at least six issues. It is a simple photocopied zine, but one of the best from the mid 80s as fan writers Alex Charles, Robert Franks and others wrote genuinely interesting and insightful articles.

Issue 1

Aggedor 1 was published in 1982.

cover of issue #1
NOVEMBER 1963 by John Lamb was a review that looked at the series' very beginnings and what made the series such a success. TO BE OR NOT TO BE ( A CYBERMEN ) by David J. Howe asked the question: "When is a Cyberman, not a Cyberman?" and answered with, "When it's INVASION"

CELEBRATING IN STYLE by Peter Anghelides looked at the 10th anniversary series which featured the reunion of the first three Doctors. This was followed by the INTERVIEW SECTION which featured the writer Johnny Bryne, script editor and writer Eric Saward and actor Anthony Ainley who was asked, "Have you ever seen Roger Delgado as The Master, and do you model your performance on his?" to which Anthony replied: "Yes, I remember watching and being impressed by Roger. But it's important not to base your performance too strongly upon another actor's performance. If it comes from the actor's own gut, then it will be more believable."

Sandwiched between the interviews was an article by John Connors, THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS which was a retrospective look at season nineteen. John Nathan-Turner was delighted to offer a "few words for (this) fanzine." concerning the length of time it takes to put a series of Doctor Who together and news of season 20 informing the 'zine that Valentine Dyall will be back reprising his role as The Black Guardian. Was this a scoop for the 'zine I wonder. A final interview was billed as possibly the shortest interview ever from Janet Fielding. Six questions with six short answers ( mainly one word answers! ) including: "Were you pleased to see Adric go?" answered with "Unfair question." and another asked her for any news of the next series in which suggested "Best to ask JNT."

KINDA was reviewed by Ronald Binnie while J.J.Bentham aired the concerns of some fans with regards the planned celebratory convention being held at Longleat and how it would affect the Doctor Who Appreciation Society's very own convention PanoptiCon.

The final article CLIFF HANGERS by Alec Charles looked at the said endings to recent episodes and how they have changed over the years. "The new type of cliff the 'devastating dialogue' one. There aren't sudden action stuff that shock you, but a few well placed words." Examples given included "No, Kassia. It has only just begun." from KEEPER OF TRAKEN and "I have the power of life and death over all of you!" from KINDA. The issue then closed with a superb piece of fiction from Jackie Marshall THE WITCHING TIME featuring the fourth Doctor and Romana. Superb pieces of artwork by Ronald Binnie, Tony Clark, Colin John and Alec Charles helped to illustrate the articles. Despite the hand written headings and poor printing ( copying ) which affected a lot of the artwork, AGGEDOR proved to be a well written and impressive read.[1]

Issue 2

Aggedor 2

cover of issue #2

Issue 3

Aggedor 3 was published in 1983.

cover of issue #3
  • an interview with Janet Fielding
  • other unknown content

Issue 4

Aggedor 4 was published in 1983 and contains 24 pages.

cover of issue #4

Issue 5

Aggedor 5 was published in 1984.

Issue 6

Aggedor 6 was published in 1984 and contains 24 pages.

Special Issue

Aggedor Fiction Special was published in September 1986.

cover of fiction special


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