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Title: Zerinza
Publisher: Dallas Jones
Editor(s): Antony Howe
Type: articles, interviews, fiction, art
Date(s): 1976-1986, occasional later issues
Medium: print
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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issues #1-#4

Zerinza is a gen Doctor Who newsletter which appears to have become also a zine of fiction.

It was the first, and longest-running, Doctor Who zine in Australia. The first issue was handed out, free, to over 60 attendees of a screening of the movie, Dr. Who and the Daleks, at the Stephen Roberts Theatre, Sydney University (September 21, 1976). While that first issue contains 8 pages, later ones ran about 12-20 pages.

Much more about Zerinza: Zerinza - Wikipedia, Archived version

Issue 1

Zerinza 1 was published in 1976.

Issue 20

Zerinza 20 was published in October 1980 and contains 12 pages.

cover of issue #20
inside issue #20

Issue 23

Zerinza 23 was published in May 1982.

Issue 28/29

Zerinza 28/29 contains 26 pages and is a Hartnell issue.

Issue 32

cover of issue #32

Zerinza 32 is billed as the "Dalek Mini-Special."

Issue 33/34/35

Zerinza 33/34/35 was published in 1986. It is a William Hartnell Special.

Issue 36

Zerinza 36 was published in 1997.

  • the novelization of "The Power of the Daleks" by Matthew Lee

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 36

This issue had been planned well before John Peel gained permission to novelise the tale, but came out afterwards. A key difference is that this novelisation is based on the TV story, and not on Ian Whitaker’s original scripts as John Peel did. [1]

Issue 37

Zerinza 37 was published in 1997.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 37

The Pirate Planet. Douglas Adams has publicly stated he doesn’t want to do his books, nor let anyone else do them. Combined with the recent record of the ABC missing an episode of this story during it’s screening, and at twice the length of the typical Target novelisation, this becomes a very valuable resource [2]


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