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Title: allons-y
Editor(s): Jarod Rosello and Denny Connolly
Date(s): 2013? (probably earlier)
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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allons-y is a gen Doctor Who zine, named after David Tennant's common use of the phrase when he played The Doctor.

front cover by Peter Santa-Maria

The publisher says it contains "comics, illustrations, essays, pieces of fiction, and general Who-y goodness."

The front cover is by Peter Santa-Maria and the back cover by Arnaud de Vallois.


back cover by Arnaud de Vallois
  • The Companion by Bonesteel (3)
  • Doctor Baker by patrick Trienta (7)
  • The Stranger by Ben Drain (8)
  • Universal Truths by uke Osterritter (9)
  • Mummy? by Denis St. John (13)
  • Lonely Guy by Jarod rosello (14)
  • The Blue Box by Prachi Patel (24)
  • No Nines by Denny Connolly (26)
  • Believe by Julia Ma (28)
  • illustrations by Simon Mackie (30)
  • Missing Pieces by Leo Rossi (32)
  • Companion Road by Matt Young (40)
  • Horror of Dr. Who by Joseph Carlough (42)
  • illustration by Sergio Castro (49)
  • illustrations by Brynna (50)
  • You Never Forget Your First Doctor by Colleen Frakes (51)
  • It's Called Marriage by Julia Ma (52)
  • contributors (53)
  • Tardis by Brian Ready (54)