Time Loop (Doctor Who zine)

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Title: Time Loop
Editor(s): Tina Kennedy and Paul Kennedy
Type: newsletter
Date(s): July 1981-1989
Medium: print
Size: A4, offset
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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Time Loop is a Doctor Who newsletter out of New South Wales, Australia. It was edited by Tina and Paul Kennedy. Each issue was about 10 pages and it was offset. The newsletter contains updates on current media zines and happenings.

It won the Double Gamma Award for Best Editor in 1984.

The first issue was published in July 1981. Issue #29 was published in November 1983. Issues 47, 50, 51/52 were published in 1985. As of 1986, there were over 55 issues published. The last issue was #92, published in 1989.

There were two annual issues: 1983 and 1984.

The editors also published a resource zine called "Time Loop: Cast & Production Booklet Vol. 1 The First Twenty Years." It is A4, offset and 21 pages. It includes some photos. A fan in 1983 wrote about that zine: "If you are a DW fan, then this publication is a must for the completeness of its listings. Includes photos. An excellent production. Costs $1.70 posted. Highly recommended." [1]

Issue 21

Time Loop 21 was published in March 1983 and contains 10 pages.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 21

DW newsletter with updates on current media zines and happenings, Recommended. [2]

Issue 37

Time Loop 37 was published in 1984.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 37

10pp, A4, xeroxed DW information zine. This issue marks the fourth year of this popular newsletter. This issue contains news and information and lots of letters (plus ads). Information is pouring in about WHO DO, the Dr. Who convention in November to celebrate 21 years! [3]


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