Another Life

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For other zines with similar titles, see In Another Life.

Title: Another Life
Publisher: Agent With Style
Author(s): Kittsbud
Cover Artist(s): Kittsbud
Illustrator(s): Kittsbud
Date(s): 2009
Medium: print
Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Language: English
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Another Life is a gen Doctor Who and Torchwood 267-page digest-sized spiral bound crossover zine by Kittsbud. It consists of two stories that come together to make one novel. The zine contains a color cover with black and white interior photo-manips by Kittsbud.

Summary from Agent With Style:

"Of One Blood"—The Doctor offers Martha Jones a fun outing to Gettysburg, but can any trip in the TARDIS really be just for fun? When the pair discover the past has been altered, and the universe has just a short while to live, they have no choice but to fight together one last time to save mankind! What does the secret military base at Montauk hide? Who is the mysterious prisoner that must be guarded at all costs? What does the Time Agency have to do with it? And how can a world-renowned scientist still draw breath over a hundred years after his birth and several decades after his reported death? With help from a young Jack Harkness, the Doctor and Martha are determined to find out! (128 pages)

"Union of Souls"—A growing energy force is threatening to destroy mankind and not even Time Lords or immortal Torchwood leaders are immune. As more and more of the Tau K'mon appear on Earth, it soon becomes obvious the beings are using the Cardiff Rift to seep into our dimension, but what are their mysterious origins and why have they chosen our planet to conquer? Can Captain Jack and his crew stop the entities, or will they require the help of a very special Doctor on call? The problem is, after the events in Of One Blood, is he even the Doctor at all? (139 pages)