Intergalactic Enquirer

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Title: Intergalactic Enquirer
Publisher: The Time Meddlers of Los Angeles
Editor(s): Diana Dougherty; Shaun Lyon; Matthew Mitchell; Bill & Cathy Watson; Suzanne Campagna
Date(s): 1986-
Frequency: monthly
Medium: print
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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cover of v.18, no.8

Intergalactic Enquirer is a gen club zine. The current editor is Rod Barroso. There are at least 185 issues and it is issued monthly. From the club website:

In addition to providing information about the club and upcoming meetings, the newsletter also features a variety of news on all Doctor Who media. The Enquirer also provides info on other Science Fiction and Fantasy media, as well as British media. We also feature reviews on movies, TV, books, etc. Plus each month we have a caption contest, e-survey question and our brand new Dear Dalek (see below) for our readers. Any member can submit articles on whatever they like, provided it is related to Doctor Who or other Science Fiction and Fantasy media. [1]