41st Sector

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Title: 41st Sector
Publisher: Gavin M. Rymill Publications
Date(s): 1998
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7 and Doctor Who
Language: English
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41st Sector is a Doctor Who and Blake's 7 gen anthology of articles and con reports.

41st Sector 1 was published in August 1998 and is 23 pages long.

  • Federation Transport and In The Beginning (Gavin Rymill tells of how he came to Blake’s 7 and how the 20-year old series still managaed to make an impression on the mind of a youth brought up in a time of unoriginal ideas, harsh and judgmental audiences and viewers with three-second attention spans) (2 pages)
  • The Technology of Blake’s 7 - Gavin M Rymill (A look at how far away the Liberator and Orac really are. If only we could teleport to the shops) (3 pages)
  • Dr. Who: The Blunder Years - Gavin M Rymill (John Nathan-Turner—The man who took Doctor Who into the worst years of its times) (4 pages)
  • Redemption 1999 (Blake’s 7 and Babylon 5 convention) (2 pages)
  • Doodling Over The Federation: Blake's 7 Fan Fiction - John Hulme (2 pages)
  • Untelevised Travels - Gavin M Rymill (4 pages)
  • In the Beginning - Gavin M Rymill
  • Hooray For The Bug-Eyed Monster - John Hulme (on B.E.M.s) (2 pages)
  • In Memory Alone - Gavin M Rymill (Blake’s 7 history) (2 pages)
  • Missing Who (The adventures we’ve never seen happen) (4 pages)

Reactions and Reviews

General, though on the thin side (22 A4 pages not including cover) it has some good illustrations and interesting articles. Some of the illustrations are Gavin's own computer generated images and are worth a look. Also at only two pound it is good value for money.

In The Beginning - Gavin M Rymill (Gavin explains how he got into Blake's 7 (Star One was the first episode he saw and it includes a review of the episode). He also explains why having watched them all he considers the third and fourth season to be the best.)

Technology Fact & Fiction - Gavin M Rymill (Interesting piece on how far away we are from achieving the technology shown within Blake's 7. He believes that teleporting will never happen but says "by the time ships like the Liberator are flying through space, I guarantee you will be able to clip computers like Orac to your lapel.")

Dr Who: The Blunder Years - anonymous (but probably Gavin again) (A look at where Dr Who went wrong. He believes the problems started with Davison's Doctor but were the fault of John Nathan-Turner.)

Redemption 99 - anonymous (Steve Rogerson) (An article about what we are planning at Redemption next year.)

Doodling over the Federation: Blake's 7 Fan Fiction - John Hulme (Discussion about fan fiction including references to slash. Lacks depth sadly.)

Untelevised Travels - Gavin M Rymill (Speculation over discontinuities between Troughton and Pertwee, focusing on possibility that the gap between the last televised Troughton and the first Pertwee may have been a lot longer and that Ton Baker and the second Romana period may have lasted for about 100 years.)

Hurray for the Bug-Eyed Monster - John Hulme (Do we want our Dr Who monsters to be subtle or in your face? Hulme argues for in your face.)

In Memory Alone - anonymous (but it reads like Gavin's stuff) A look at what the author considers were Blake's 7's finest moments - Orbit and Terminal. [1]


  1. ^ review by Steve Rogerson on Lysator (August 9, 1998)