Australian Whovian Fanzine

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Title: Australian Whovian Fanzine
Publisher: Leo Scott
Editor(s): Leo Scott
Date(s): mid-1990s
Medium: print
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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Australian Whovian Fanzine is a gen Doctor Who anthology with at least nine issues. It contains articles, reviews and interviews with fanzine editors. This zine was formally titled Kronos Express. It has a sister zine, a newsletter called Australian Whovian Newsletter.

Issue 1/2

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1/2

This is the sister production of Australian Whovian Fanzine — a two page bi-monthly summary of the news plus a few snippets . For what it aspires to, it does the job well. (It comes free with AWF.) [1]

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Australian Whovian Fanzine 6 was published in 1995. It has a cover smothered in tabloid-style headings.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

Formally titled Kronos Express (and what a better title that was!), this is one great zine. It starts with a great cover smothered in tabloid-style headings – most funny! AWF has something of everything. Nice layout, and the regular fanzine editor interviews are great (I could mention myself being featured in this issue, but I’m too ‘umble for that). But there is a catch: the number of spelling and grammar mistakes is incredibly high. [2]

Issue 7

Australian Whovian Fanzine 7 was published in 1995.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

They’ve got a spelling and grammar checker! Hooray! That’s the most obvious change with this issue, which otherwise continues the fine tradition of this zine. The news is really good (especially all the tidbits from sources everywhere). My favourite bit remains the interviews with other zine editors, but then I’m biased… Maybe a little empty this time around, however, and I don’t want another Dimensions in Time transcript! [3]

Issue 8

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 8

A new, very clear, layout is the first thing you’ll notice with this issue (but it’ll get boring quick unless spiced up with some pics, Leo!). Then you’ll notice that there’s four (count ‘em!) interviews: Daniel O’Mahoney, Kate Orman, Sarah J Groenewegen and Sean Murphy. Plus the regular widespread collection of clips, zine reviews and (unfortunately) the quota of pages saying things we all knew ten years ago. Avoid them, and this zine will be top class. Ratings: • • • 1/2 out of five. [4]

Issue 9

Australian Whovian Fanzine 9 was published in 1996.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

Up in Queensland now, where the Australian Whovian Fanzine has come out with issue nine, where they review fifteen zines, damning some and deliiriously prasiing others, and then give every single one three stars out of five. Oops. There’s the usual gob of padding, lots of incorrect speculation on the telemoviie, and the latest editorial interview is with Sian O’Neale of Strange Matter. Two padders out of five. [5]


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