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The following is a (very incomplete) list of fansites that were hosted on FortuneCity, sorted by fandom. Because personal websites and small multi-author archives were common in the late 1990s, many of these are multifandom sites.

Unless otherwise noted, links go either to archived copies of the sites hosted on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine or to, unless no archived copy could be found. The Wayback Machine gives access to multiple versions of some websites; to view earlier versions of a page, replace the timestamp in the URL (e.g. "20071013143902") with an asterisk (*).

For making Fanlore pages about these sites: We have templates for different types of sites. Theses templates create an infobox on the right side of a page and they already add the basic categories (except for fandom categories and date categories). To embed a template on a page, copy & paste the code you find here:



Alias Smith & Jones

  • What Is "Alias Smith and Jones"? A fan website focusing on fan art, fan piction, screencaps, and character bios. A second FortuneCity site was set up at with similar content. This second site is not online and is not in the WayBack Machine. Site was also at, but is gone now.


  • The Adventures of Captain Peroxide and Deadboy - The Angel/Spike Zone of the BtVS Writer's Guild (archived link)

Babylon 5

  • Babylon 5 - fan tribute page with links to fan fiction sites. Link: Site is archived on the WayBack machine, but the links from the index page do not work. To look for pages on the WayBack Machine with content use this as a starting point
  • Babylon 5 Jason Carter fan club - convention photos. Link: (Archived here)
  • Babylon 5 fan tribute page with sound files. Link: (archived here) File:Babylon5-1.png
  • Babylon 5 / Crusade - character bios, chat room, humour page. Link: Site is archived on the WayBack machine, but the links from the index page do not work. To look for pages on the WayBack Machine with content use this as a starting point
  • Change in the Wind- A Babylon 5 Fanfic by Christopher J. Pruitt. Link: (Archived here).
  • PETER'S BABYLON 5 INDEX PAGES - links to many B5 fan sites. Link: (Archived version here)
  • Neil Weightman's Babylon 5 Page - fan tribute page with sound files. Link: (archived here) File:Babylon5-2.png
  • Psi Corps Headquarters - a fan site that focuses on the telepaths in the series. Not archived in the WayBack Machine.

Backstreet Boys

  • - pictures, articles, news, fan fiction, quizzes
  • Walking in the Clouds - fanfiction by Bobbi, stories not archived, but moved in 2001 to which is waybacked. This site was found searching for X-Files, but moved to Backstreet Boys as her story list in that fandom is more extensive.


  • Balto's BOAT

Beauty and the Beast

Blake's 7

  • C&B Blake's 7 ( (Not archived).
  • Obsidian

The sites below need to be run through the WayBack Machine and screencaps created if they are not archived.

Now at [1]

Episode transcripts 1 - 10 Obsidian ('fledgling B7 fanfic site') Star Child's Fanfic Galaxy (multifandom) Blake's 7 Star Trek: Liberator (crossover) Blake's 7 JoannaR's Blakes 7 fan fic Blake's 7 - FortuneCity Lavender Hill Newsletter Blake's 7 (from Radio Times

Now at [2]

Episode transcripts 1 - 10

Now at [3]

Episode transcripts 1 - 10


  • The Bonanza Down Under Home Page ( File:The Bonanza Down Under Home Page.png - links to individual pages on (not cached) for main and supporting characters (neither site is archived)
  • Bonanza in Oz - over 70 pages - incl. episode guide, picture archives, press articles, song downloads, fan fiction (NOTE: fanfic is password-protected in "members only" section: use this link to access it)
  • Bonanza World used to be at When it moved, a redirect page (not archived) was left on the site. The move was presumably sometime before Feb 2003, when the new site was first recorded on the Wayback Machine. The link is to the earliest archived copy of the site after the move. (NOTE: the new site no longer seems available on the open web.)
  • "HISTORICAL BACKGROUND FOR THE BONANZA TELEVISION PROGRAM" ( - proposed timeline from 1776 to 1919, with historical information listed in black, info from the show listed in blue, and "speculations and interpretations" listed in red - NOTE: apart from the dummy "index.html" supplied by FortuneCity, this seems to have been the only page on the website (not archived)


  • The Adventures of Captain Peroxide and Deadboy... - (not archived)
  • BAFFA - Buffy and Angel Fanfiction Archive. (Archived here; older version of the website is archived here)
  • Bitch Willow's Fan Fiction (archived link)
  • Smurfy, Blogging For Peace (
  • Buffy E-zines - a list of Buffy e-zines. Link: (Archived here).
  • Buffy+Giles 4-Ever - mainly links to other sites (archived link)
  • Emilie Kitten's Tender Hearts and Ravaged Souls: a Willow & Oz 'Shipper Site (archived link). Alternate archived link here which includes more Buffy along with Willow/Giles fic - 500+ stories archived
  • Forever...That's The Whole Point - a multi-author fanfic and fanart Buffy/Angel shipper archive. Link: (Archived here).
  • Frack's Bit O' Buffy - fan tribute site with desktop themes, cats pictures and links to other Buffy sites. Link: Not archived at the WayBack machine. File:Buffy1.png File:Buffy2.png File:Buffy3.png
  • Giles Cave - multi-author fanfic archive, with audio and picture downloads. (archived here).
  • His Spikiness - a multi-author fanfic archive. Links: Archived here.
  • Milady GreenSleeves' Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction - single author fanfic archive. Fic not archived (unclear if it ever was) Link: archived here]).
  • Quyen's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction Page - a planned multi-author fanfic archive that may never have gotten off the ground. Link: (Not archived in the WayBack Machine). File:Buffy4.png
  • Roses and Thorns Archive - multi-author het and slash fan fiction archive. Link: (Not archived in the WayBack Machine) File:Buffy5.png
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar/Buffy The Vampire Slayer tribute site. Contains pictures, sounds, episode guides and links to other sites. Also the launch point for the ST Newsletter, a multi-fandom newsletter. Link: (archived here).
  • Spike's Spike - multi-author (200+ stories) adult het archive of Spike fanfiction. Link: Did some googling and found the site was moved and is now archived here).
  • Syrenslure Fan Fiction - multi-author fanfic archive. Also contains episode reviews, 'Slaying Humour and Games,' character info, and photo gallery. Link: (archived here.
  • Tales of the Scooby Gang - single author fanfic website. Link: (archived here). Also includes links to the Sunnydale Under Siege series.
  • Theory Queen's Buffy website - author's fan fic and a good selection of other author Buffy fanfic, some slash. Link: (archived here)
  • The Place Where Forbidden Love Dwells - a Willow/Angel multi-author fanfic site with "115 Fics by 58 authors archived." Link: (Main page archived here; hidden fanfic link archived here.)
  • Sam James' Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfic - fanfiction by Sam James. Link: Not archived by the Wayback Machine. File:Sam James Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfic.png
  • Underground Sunnydale - single author archive. Link: Not archived by the Wayback Machine. File:Underground sunnydale .png File:Rebecca s Fanfic.png
  • Vampyre FanFic Archive. multi-author fanfic archive. Link: at the WayBack here)
  • The Willow and Giles Fanfiction Archive (archived link)
  • Willow's Lil Secret - a multi-author fanfic archive. Links: Moved and is archived here, here, and here. Sadly, as this was an eFiction archive, only a small amount of fanfic survives.
  • Willow's Sanctuary - small multi-author fanfic archive focusing on Willow. Link: Not archived at the WayBack machine. File:Buffy6.png File:Buffy7.png Fanfic example
  • World of Ink - single author fanfic archive, some original fic. Link: Not archived at the WayBack machine.


Chicago Hope

  • Lauren and Cordula's unofficial Chicago Hope Page - big resource site (over 600 pp) with episode summaries, cast bios, galleries, etc; also had fanfic section with 3 stories - started by Lauren 10-10-1998, taken over by Cordula 12-5-1998[1] (NOTE: graphics are not archived; on main page, navigate by links on either side)



  • The Guildhouse at Ardais - website for a virtual guild "of modern day renunciates". Link: (archived here)
  • A brief history of Becca: (Not archived at the WayBack Machine and not cached)
  • Serrias: info about one of the Domains of Darkover. (Archived version here).
  • Jaelle Syrtis' Page: a fan's alter ego page. Link: (archived copy here).

Dark Shadows

DC Comics

  • Batman Beyond Fan Site ( - Benson Yee's site - sections for info on characters, episodes, comics; also some commentary (not archived)
  • Fire's Home Page - website for the character Fire (from the JLA) - includes an essay on the (mis)use of Portuguese in the comics (Fire being from Brazil)
  • From the Speed Force: DC Comics The Flash ( - website for the character The Flash - primarily profiles of the hero, his associates, and his enemies; also a database section with publication details (only for a few issues); a review section was planned, but never started (not archived)
  • Hawkworld...Still Goin' Strong - Hawkman/Thanagar fansite (part of The Gateway)
  • The Huntress Unofficial Webpage - website for the character The Huntress - picture gallery, fan fiction
  • Inner Sanctum: DC Characters - "This site features photomanipulations of ordinary men and women into the likeness of characters which can be found in the comics published by DC Comics." (archived copy has no graphics)
  • The JLA Watchtower - "a comprehensive catalog of all things concerning The JLA, in all of it's many incarnations" (hardly any pictures are archived)
  • John and Jeff's JLA Page - fan site about the JLA (NOTE: links don't seem to work, so use the list of all archived pages to access them individually)
  • Matteo Turchi Paternò Home Page - Italian site (click on "Fumetti", i.e "comics", to get further into the site) - Sandman, Hellblazer, Preacher - also Alan Moore section
  • Quarter Bin - meta, reviews (also Marvel Comics) - possibly the precursor to the e-zine The Quarter Bin
  • The Ray - In a Blaze of Light - fan site for the character, The Ray
  • The WonderDome - website devoted to Wonder Woman - incl. sections for reviews, interviews, fan art, fan fiction (NOTE: Contents are best accessed from the early versions of this site (link is to 2001); however, the index page continued to be updated with news until 7 July 2010.)



  • The Jun Hate Page - - character hate fansite with fanfic, pictures, fanart, theories, shrine to another character, links, and a page explaining why the webmaster hates Jun (Because she's a skanky ho and has the horn for Matt! Actually, I'm not sure exactly *why* we hate Jun so much, seeing as Matt did have the good sense to turn the Christmas-tree-wannabe down but I s'pose it's one of these naturalistic animal urges that take over every now and then. BACK OFF, BITCHTROLL! HE'S MINE! ::ahem:: You get the idea.)

Doctor Who

Dragon Ball

Dragonriders of Pern

  • "Dishes of Pern" - Kaetetrini's Master Project from Harper's Tale: includes interviews with characters, recipes, and a write-up of the actual dinner (most of it is archived)
  • The Harper's Window - Pern fanart
  • Online Pern and Myself Harper's Tale MOO characters and logs - some pages archived
  • Marion's Pern Page! ( - website for her characters and logs (not archived) File:Pern1.png
  • Miriana's Online Weyr Page ( - character pages for Miriana as played in two games, Eastern Weyr and Landing Weyr (not archived) - "This page is built around the personas I own in two online weyrs.I thought it would be neat to compare how two similar characters develop in the different weyrs..." (from index page)
  • My Pern Page ( - single incomplete personal page for a player in Veridia Weyr (not archived)
  • Mystech's Dragonsfire Character Page - pages for Mystech ("born and raised on a small farmcot near the sea on Ista Isle. She has no known family, her mother died in childbirth,..."),[4] Pern, and dragons (only the front page is archived)
  • Pern ( (not archived) - single page with intro/character[5]
  • Pern! ( - Kristin Colleen Anderson's site for the characters she played in various MOOs (not archived)
  • Shyreganth du Fort du Pern - a single character page
  • Tani's Weyr ( - Pern section of small personal site - site owner was in The Ridges of Pern e-mail based role-playing club (not archived)
  • The Wonderful World of Pern ( - section of a small personal site, with an intro on Pern and MOOs, and pages for her two favourite characters, True (VirtualPern) and Isobel (Star Stones) (not archived)
  • The World of Pern ( - tribute page (not archived)
  • - small site for MOO characters and logs (not archived)
  • - single tribute page to MaCaffrey (not archived)
  • - "Life on Pern", a fan poem on a poetry site (not archived)

Due South

  • Adia's Due South Fan Fiction Archive - fanfic, poetry and song. Link: (archived here). FanFic is not archived on the WayBack Machine
  • Bindlestitch
  • CKR Experience - fan tribute page to the actor. Includes "Pictures, Sounds, News, Links, Guestbook, Credits, Bios, Postcards, Goodies and Games." Link: (archived here).
  • CoolGrin - single author fan fic and fanart. (archived here).
  • Ground Zero. Also has a small annex of Turnbull/Kowalski fiction. Links to other Due South fan pages along with a link to an Japanese X-Files page: "If you can read Japanese, you can enjoy lots of X-Files fan fictions by Japanese fanfic writers." Link: (archived here).
  • Jay's due SOUTH Homepage. [6] Link: Not archived in the WayBack machine.
  • Rebel Without A Comb - tribute site to Calle Keith Rennum with a focus on Due South and Hard Core Logo. Contents: Mailing Lists/Clubs, Quotes, Transcripts, Sound Archive, Picture Archive, Ray Kowalski Character Sketch, Ray Kowalski Quotes From Due South. Con reports: RCW 139 '99 Hard Core Road Trip, Headstones '00 Hard Core Rock Show, Vancouver '00 Hard Core Buddies Weekend, Toronto '01 Hard Core Buddies Weekend II. Link: (archived here)
  • Shrinking Violet's Notebook. A single author fanfic and fanart website. Link: (Not archived at the WayBack machine)
  • The Shrine of CKR: Leave your shoes at the door, and speak softly, for you know not what rabid David Marciano Fans may be lurking in wait... A pro-Ray Kowalski fan website that listed members as "Defenders of CKR." [7] A smattering of fanfic (6 stories by Taleya, TAE, and Jane Symons), lists of favorite RayK episodes, photos of the actor and links to other Due South websites. link: (not archived in the Wayback Machine). A copy of the website's entry page is archived here.


  • DaScape City ( - embryonic tribute site - uncertain how many pages ever actually existed besides the index page (not archived)
  • Farscape - Collages & More ( - small fanart site (not archived)
  • Farscape Homepage ( - tribute site with character descriptions and episode summaries - NOTE: incomplete site with a lot of empty pages (not archived)
  • Moya's Crew of True Blue Heroes ( - tribute site with profiles, screen capture galleries, and quotation pages for most characters (not archived)
  • Scaper Sounds - transcripts of Farscape-related chats, some fanart, zip files of desktop icons

Final Fantasy

Forever Knight

Some of these sites have been moved to the Forever Knight Website Archive, in which case the new location is noted.

Fushigi Yuugi

General Hospital

Gummi Bears



Harry Potter

  • Alohomora! - Fanfiction by LiliaWatt, plus parodies, fanart, etc. Link: Archived here.
  • Assorted Cheese - described as "a Fansite dedicated to many things" but is exclusively HP. Includes fanfiction, fanart, character shrines, etc. Link: Archived here.
  • Christians For Harry Potter - "In this website you will find Harry Potter stuff like Harry Potter Short Stories, a Role Playing Game, Adventure Game, Information and Trivia. I also have some useful Christian information as well." Link: Not archived on the Wayback Machine.
  • Gringott's Vault, a Harry Potter Newsite - mainly links to other Harry Potter websites.
  • Hogwarty Hogwarts - an interactive role playing website. "Welcome to Hogwarts. This website will be different from most of the websites you have seen, whether you go to Yahoo, lyco's, or other search servers. The year you join Hogwarts will be 1995, when Harry is in his 5th year. You will get to decide what happens here when you go to the page called castastropy." Link: Not archived on the WayBack machine.
  • Mione's Insomnia - Mione Snape's fanart, fanfiction, and original fiction. Link: Not archived on the Wayback Machine.
  • 'Old School' Hogwarts Fanfic Archive - multi-author fanfic archive. Link: Not archived on the WayBack Machine.
  • The Harry Potter RPG Gang - Link:
  • The Magic of Harry Potter - E. C. R. Potter's Harry Potter fansite, including fic. Fic not archived but available here.
  • Moranga's Harry Potter FanFic and Art. - Links: (Not archived on the WayBack machine, art moved here, fic posted here)
  • The Whomping Willow - Harry Potter news and fanfiction, also info about witchcraft. Link: Archived here.



Some of the sites below need to be run through the WayBack Machine and screencaps created if they are not archived

  • About Highlander -
  • Cherrie's Place~Highlander~ -
  • Connor's Rotunda. Multi-author fan fic archive focusing on Connor MaCleod. Link: (archived here; old version archived here)
  • Dracon's Lair: Highlander -
  • Dubiousbystander's Highlander Links Page -
  • GreyCat's Highlander Page
  • Highlander - FortuneCity -
  • Highlander - Fortunecity -
  • Highlander - FortuneCity -
  • Highlander - FortuneCity -
  • Highlander - Fortunecity -
  • Highlander - FortuneCity -
  • HIGHLANDER - Fortunecity -
  • Highlander (Director's Cut) -
  • Highlander 2002. -
  • Highlander Collector Swords & Knives -
  • Highlander Cruise -
  • Highlander Endgame Review -
  • Highlander Fanfic by Sylvan Facing the Future: As Inevitable as Death -
  • Highlander FanFic Links -
  • Highlander Immortal R.C.C. -
  • Highlander Links -
  • Highlander movies -
  • Highlander Openings -
  • Highlander Page -
  • Highlander RPG - - A Highlander RPG based on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game system.
  • Highlander Sounds -
  • Highlander Style Immortals page -
  • Highlander Sweet Conflict Series -
  • Highlander Terminology -
  • Highlander The Source -
  • Highlander Timeline -
  • Highlander, The Main Entrance -
  • Highlander. -
  • Highlander: A GURPS Supplement Version 2.0-2.5+ July 1999/Aug -
  • Highlander: End Game -
  • Highlander: Merits and Flaws -
  • Highlander: The Ceirdwyn Homepage -
  • Highlander: The Connor MacLeod Homepage -
  • Highlander: The Gathering -
  • Highlander: The Gathering -
  • Highlander: The Legend Continues Audio Drama / Radio Play -
  • Highlander-O-Rama - QUEEN -
  • I am Immortal... Highlander links -
  • I Wanna Know About -
  • John hughes - FortuneCity -
  • Leilani's Highlander Page -
  • Marylouise Blog: Highlander movie -
  • Movie Review - Highlander: Endgame -
  • Mystical Sanctuary: Highlander -
  • Nabiki's Highlander-O-Rama -
  • Pookkah's Highlander Wavs -
  • Shymoon's The Highlander Original Works Art Page -
  • SIMLANDER: Sims Skins For Highlander Fans -
  • Sylvan's PG Highlander Fiction -
  • The Highlander Guild info center. The place to learn about The Highlander -
  • The Movie Archives Reviews - Highlander: Endgame -

Hogan's Heroes

  • The Richard Dawson Appreciation Page ( - small fan tribute page (bio, a couple of pix) created by Marie Shively

The Invisible Man

  • Invisible Man Artwork (a handful of artworks, not saved on wayback)
  • Ventrescaholics Anonymous - (a couple screencaps page are all that's available on Wayback machine) - currently moved to
  • Arnaud de Föhn's Hacienda (screencaps, ep-related fic)


Jonny Quest

Kindred: The Embraced

  • Blithe's Kindred: The Embraced Site V.3.0 ( - tribute site - seems to have had a large screen capture collection at (of which only the index page seems to be archived and no screencaps) - of the main site, there are a few saved files but no index or menu page
  • The Mark Frankel Fanclub Library Reference Room ( - Mark Frankel fan site - reprints reviews, interviews, obituary (not archived)

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Lord of the Rings

  • Billy Boyd/Pippin Links- fan site listing many of the Billy Boyd/Pippin and LOTR websites. (archived here)
  • Calacirya: the pass of light: a fan tribute site to the books with extensive links to other sites. Also includes: Quotes, Biography of Tolkien, Essential books, Maps, Essays, Genealogies and Riddles. link: (archived here).
  • Camarila's LORD of the RINGS galleries - Movie Images, Songs and Poems, Quiz, Fan Art, and links to other LOTR wesbites. Link: (archived here)
  • Godric's LOTR Website - mainly lnks to other LOTR websites. (archived here)
  • Legolas GreenLeaf: LOTR - fan tribute site to Legolas and Orlando Bloom. Contains: Facts, Filmography, What's So GREAT About This Elf, Gallery, Picture Humor, Orlando Bloom gallery,You Know You're Obsessed When... , How To Find Your Elvish Name and links. Link: (archived here)
  • LOTR MST :slash parodies in which characters from The Lord of the Rings movies comment MST-style on stories
  • Middle-earth Interactive Map - "The mission of this site is to create an interactive map of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth from a source map drawn by his son Christopher." Also has links to other LOTR websites. Link: (archived here). Later moved here.
  • Online Portfolio of Nancy Lorenz - LOTR fan art. Links (Not archived the WayBack Machine, but found new site archived here)
  • Rumpelteazer's Home on the Web - background on the books, news about the movie, and info about the animated version. Link: (archived here)
  • The Site of the Dunedain - tribute to the characters in the book series. Possible some RPG? Link: (not archived at the WayBack machine).


  • MacGyver – (episode guide)
  • Swiss Army Knife Macgyver Facts -
  • MacGyver - – fan site describing the series.
  • Canadian Fans MacGyver website. Link: (Archived here)
  • Macgyverisms – a fans favorite quotes and sayings from the show.
  • MacGyver's Ancestry - ‘’MacGyver's heritage. (less 1K) You will need a GEDCOM compatible genealogy program to view this tree.”
  • Juuzto productions - “This film is called MacGyver-parody, incredibly funny and the very first film we made. We mock also star wars, south park etc. Our budget was about 2 Euros ...”
  • MacGyver Episode Guide -
  • IRC-Channel MacGyver - “Channel's history. The IRC-Channel #MacGyver was created for MacGyver-fans in the spring 1997 in Finland by Jezu and Jermar. That was few weeks before ...”
  • Jasmin MacGyver Page's MacGyverisms -
  • Ensign Michael MacGyver -
  • MacGyver Fan Tribute Page - “Hello and welcome to our. unofficial MacGyver page. On this page you'll be able to find. info and other interesting stuff. on our "hero".
  • The Macgyver files – fan tribute page - “About me, My name is Tom. I live in Des Moines, Iowa. I'm 42 years old. Macgyver check out the fun trivia about Macgyver. My interests ...”
  • MacGyver! – fan tribute page
  • MacGyver – fan tribute page, also includes pictures. -
  • The Inofficial MacGyver Homepage – German fan page - “Hello I'm 15 jears old. I'm from Holzminden in Germany. on 1998. I will be moving my belongings ...”
  • Macgyver Legend Sounds – fan tribute site with sound files - “Please send any requests for specific lines from a show to me (click on Email Me above) with the episode name and the line(s) you want recorded.”
  • Richard Dean Anderson AOL Chat Log – actor chatting with fans. Link: (Archived here)
  • Children of Jenova MacGyverisms By Kefka. Link: “MacGyverisms are things/situations where MacGyver, our favorite improvisationalist, does in every episode, or such.”

Magnificent 7

The Magnificent Comedy Corral Fanfiction by several authors
Foggynite’s Mag7 ATF page ATF AU fanfiction by foggynite
Mag 7 - General fansite
Anthony Starke Links - Links to other fansites
Magnificent Seven - 1998 List of Mag7-related articles/interviews in newspapers & magazines
Fanfic Links - List of fanfic links; includes Mag7, ER, Sea Quest, Star Wars, & The X-Files
Four Corners Chronicle Fanfiction by several authors
Ezra Standish Adult Fic - Fanfiction by several authors
JD Dunne Adult Fic - Fanfiction by several authors
A Hanging Offense Fanfic: “A Hanging Offense” by Ruby
Here or There Fanfic: “Here or There” by Ruby
Magnificent Seven Fiction - Fanfiction by Shywalker

Marvel Comics

  • America's Heroes: Freedom Force - tribute site with some fanfic
  • DarkKnight's website ( - small tribute site belonging to Heng Siew, with galleries for the Hulk and Spiderman (not archived)
  • "Family Matters" - X-Men story by Dswdiane, inspired by "a story I found on written by Valerie Jones called "Betrayal.""
  • The Ghostworks: The Official Homepage of the 2099 Underground!!! - site for a fan continuation (in text form) of several Marvel 2099 series after the line was cancelled (NOTE: some of the "issues" are on this site, others were elsewhere; not all are archived)
  • Labwax Fan fiction, fan art, and fan chat - fan site for art and fiction - ambitious in scope, but really seems to consist of a handful of tribute pages without actual fanworks (he's asking people to send them to him)
  • The Marvel Character Gallery - tribute site, includes trivia quiz
  • Marvel Heroes Classic Roleplaying Game ( - character info pages (not archived)
  • Marvel Infinity Index - encyclopedia-type resource site, online since 1999 (according to index page) - page titles say "The Unoffcial Marvel Comics Reference HQ" (sic) (This site seems to have been at two different locations. Of, only the index page is archived; so the link is to the other site.)
  • Quarter Bin - meta, reviews (also DC Comics)
  • The Unofficial Spider-Girl Home Page - part of The Gateway
  • X-Rising - large (over 400 pp) fansite focused on Marvel's mutant characters - meta, reviews, news, fan fiction, fan art (only the index page is archived)
  • X-Men Fan Fiction Keepers ( - multi-author fanfic archive, archived alphabetically by author's name - "Hi, this is my site where I will be archiving all those great fanfics that I find that I think are keepers. Please be gentle I am still learning." (from index page) (not archived)
  • X-Spider-Man Web Page ( - see List of GeoCities Fansites - not sure if this was an older site, a mirror site, or what (not archived)

Mega Man

Mew Mew Power

  • Michael's Mew Mew Power ( - fan fiction, promos (not archived)


Mummies Alive

  • Ashake, creation of Javagoddess (fic, poetry)
  • Nu's Corner
  • CC's Mummies Alive Page-dedicated to Rath! (not available on Wayback)
  • Galaxy Fraulein/Mummies Alive cross-over (one chapter)
  •, (fic? not available on Wayback)
  • The Round Table of Phrophecies (not available on Wayback)

Nash Bridges

  • Phantom Disco: the Unofficial Nash Bridges Mailing List Members' Site ( - included members' profiles, "you know you're a fan" page, round robin (not archived)

The New Professionals

  • The New Professionals fiction archive. Link: (archived here)

Once A Thief

  • Nick Lea in ONCE A THIEF, the TV series. Link:


Power Rangers

The Pretender

Quantum Leap

  • Pamela Jaye Ashworth's Page ( - small tribute site (not archived)
  • My Quantum Leap Page ( ) - small tribute site, with cast and episode lists (not archived)
  • The Quantum Leap Crusade ( ) - fan campaign to get a new QL series made - includes copies of several letters that fans can send (NOTE: link goes to the Wayback Machine copy of another version of this site at a GeoCities location.)
  • WELCOME TO MY QUANTUM LEAP PAGE ( - small fansite, seems to have included episode guide and fanfic, also some original (?) fic (not archived)

Queer as Folk UK

  • - Single tribute page, with basic description of show and characters plus a few pictures - owner seems to have had ambitions but (?) never went on with the site (not archived)
  • Queer As Folk - 1º website português - includes QAF Factos, QAF Fotos & Filmografias
  • Russell Davies interview ( - mostly about QaF, seems to be the only thing on the website, written by interviewer (?) (not archived)

Queer as Folk US

Ranma 1/2

The Real Ghostbusters

  • Blood - A Fanfic (
  • Tribute to the Real Ghostbusters (not archived on Wayback, links all go to which also is not available)
  • Ghostbusters:Ectoplasm (not archived on Wayback)

Remington Steele

  • Lovesteele's Remington Steele Slash FanFiction (not archived in the WayBack machine). There is a second page here as well: (also not archived in the WayBack machine)
  • Remington Steele Investigations - fan website in French. Link: (archived link)
  • Remington Steele (archived link)
  • Steele in Love - links to Remington Steele fan pages (archived link)

Saber Marionette

Sailor Moon


  • Marianne´s seaQuest FanFic Archive Heaven (not archived in the WayBack machine)


  • - not a fan site exactly, but worth noting (created to "satisfy a project requirement for my present course of studies in Intermediate Telematics at North Tyne Side college") - a fairly small site which "contains information, pictures, and media relating to characters and events, both fictional and historical, the weapons of the period and the actors who portrayed the main characters"[8] (not archived)

Sherlock Holmes

Silk Stalkings


  • The Sliders Archive - mainly episode guides, character pages and sound files. Archived link goes to the small amount of fan fiction on the site.


  • Smallville: Los Comic Books: Spanish-language fansite with summaries and reviews of SV comics and tie-in novels. Links to other Spanish-language comics fandom sites.

Stargate: Atlantis

  • no site with fanworks found

Stargate SG1

  • Elisabeth Rosen tribute site. (archived here
  • SG1 Tea Room Site. Link:

Sons of Thunder

Starsky & Hutch

  • Mike's Starsky & Hutch Page - pages about the Torino and links to his favorite S&H pages. Link:
  • STARSKY and HUTCH FANFIC STORIES by Elisa Valero. Link: (Not archived in the WayBack Machine, but some fic can be found archived here).

Star Trek

  • 13th Fleet ( & Trek-based RPG: the fleet, a group of 40+ individuals from around the globe who are fans of a series so powerful and so far reaching. Born in TrekkerChat it soon grew from a small group of chatters who liked to RPG about Trek, to a large group of ships, officers, and crews to become what is now known as the 13th Fleet. Neither site archived
  • ABC to Star Trek ( -- episode guides, pictures, info pages, humour, for TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager. Not archived
  • The Assimilation -- according to index page, This is your one stop Borg and Star Trek TNG resource but actually much broader information resource on locations, planets, ships, races &c from DS9, TNG, Voyager, TOS & ST films
  • Benjamin Sisko Star Trek Site ( -- information on races, characters, star ships, Klingon dictionary; mainly DS9 and some VOY, TOS, TNG. Not archived
  • Gattancha's Web Site: Starfleet Command ( -- big episode guide site, including Star Trek TNG, VOY, DS9, TOS, ST movies. Possibly some non-Trek fandoms (not cached). Not archived
  • Haven's Xtrek Game Archive ( -- fan-created adult games for VOY, TOS, DS9, TNG, ST films; plus interactive fiction. According to FAQ: Xtrek is a text based erotic Trek game and the generic term for any (shall we say sci fi?) Science Fiction erotic text adventure. ( Creators Badman, Tenhawk, Haven (Lord Haven), NewKid, Mr. Whish (Jhonny Case), Norman The Lurker, Flakey. Maintained by Haven & KaZx.
  • Lady Silver's Star Trek Picture Gallery ( -- pictures for TNG (especially Picard), DS9, VOY; plus episode guides. Not archived
  • Miss Q's Trek Page -- character bios, pictures for mainly Voyager, plus some DS9, TNG, TOS
  • MSS Independence ( -- pictures and information, mainly for DS9 with some other Trek, including dictionary of Klingon language. Maintained by Ryan J. Ewans. Not archived
  • Phyl's Star Trek Page ( -- large pictures site, with episode guides and detailed character bios including minor characters, for TOS, TAS, ST Movies, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise. Not archived. Creating article: Phyl's Star Trek Page
  • Ridley Scott's Star Trek Page ( -- character profiles and show summaries for TNG, DS9, TOS, VOY. Meta on how DS9 lets down Trek. Partially archived with navigation broken (TOS Page; TNG Page; DS9 page; VOY Page)
  • Rocky's Star Trek Site ( -- episode guides, character bios for mainly VOY, some DS9 and TNG. Not archived
  • Section 31 ( -- information site with character bios, picture galleries; TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ST movies. Not archived
  • Starbase Titan ( -- information site on starships, some races of DS9 and some other Trek. Maintained Paul Haynie. Not archived
  • Star Trek Characters Site ( -- information site with detailed character bios for main crew; TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY. Not archived
  • Star Trek Fan Fiction ( -- multi-author fanfiction archive for TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager; links list for fanfiction sites. Maintained by David J. Tremel Jr aka Dave Tremel. Not archived. Site moved to Star Trek Fan Fiction in 2011; still online
  • Star Trek Frontier ( -- character profiles, info pages, pictures for TOS, Voyager, DS9. Not archived
  • Star Trek: On Screen ( -- information & reviews site, mainly for DS9, Voyager, also TOS, TNG, New Frontier, ST movies; reviews of episodes, novels & games, character bios, info on races, starships &c. Maintained by Daniel Cunningham, Murray Brightman & Nicky Bain. Not archived
  • A Star Trekker's Almost Paradise ( -- fanfiction and poetry by Seema, Carrie, Judy and Liz Logan. Character bios. Mainly DS9, also TOS, VOY, ENT. Maintained by Carrie. Seems to be mirror of above site, with more up-to-date fanfiction archive (not archived)
  • Stephen Armitage's Star Trek Site ( -- large information/pictures site with events, characters, things for DS9, Voyager, Enterprise; This is a Star Trek site consiting of Voyager, Enterprise sequence, the defiant and Deep Space Nine and its characters. Maintained by Stephen James Armitage. Not archived
  • Teo's homepage ( -- information site on Trek tech and space quadrants. Not archived
  • The Trek Connection ( -- long links list for TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY including links to fanfiction archives/lists; compiled by Callevelah. Not archived. Possibly evolved into Trek Connection: Links
  • Ultimate Celestial Explorer ( -- detailed information resource on space installations, planets and spatial anomalies for Trek including ST movies. Last updated 7-13-2000. Not archived
  • The Ultimate Star Trek Collection ( -- large information site for TNG, TOS, TAS, Voyager, DS9, ST movies, including character bios, races, uniforms, tech data, humour. Not archived. Moved to The Ultimate Star Trek Collection
  • Ultimate Startrek -- pictures, bios, information, facts, news and sounds for DS9, TNG, Voyager, TOS. Site also houses original fantasy fiction. Maintained by Darklord
  • USS Heracles ( & -- news & information (including character profiles, starship info) for TNG, Enterprise, DS9, Voyager & ST movies. Mentions a brief archive but no evidence of fanfiction found. The page was "created by a group of people from Valladolid".[9] Not archived.
  • Whoa Nellie's Romance Star Trek Fan Fiction Stories, formerly at, has moved to a new location
  • The World of the Trekkie ( & -- UK information site with news, UK scheduling information, brief episode guides, possibly reviews -- DS9, VOY, ST movies. Not archived

Star Trek: DS9

  • The Observatory ( -- authorised European fansite for Nana Visitor (Kira), with biography, filmography, pictures and links to fanclubs for other DS9 actors. Associated with Far Beyond the Stars (with Alexander Siddig) & Nanites fanclubs; English & German. Maintained by Georg Buthe. Not archived
  • Rob's Star Trek site ( -- small information site covering mainly ships, plus episode guide; mainly or entirely DS9. This site includes information about the episodes. the various ships, races and information about Computer games and books available to buy. Not archived
  • Trek to Fic-world ( -- personal fanfiction site by Erin with two DS9 stories, Kira/Dukat and Ezri Dax. Not archived
  • The Unofficial Defiant Site ( -- information on characters, station. Maintained by Joost (not archived)

Star Trek: TNG

Star Trek Voyager

  • Juxian Tang (Star Trek: Voyager) Author Page. URL:
  • Son's of Man - multi-author fanfic archive. Also contains links to other fanfic sites, including Babylon 5, Star Trek, Due South and more. Link: (Archived here).
  • TPD's Fanfiction Archive ( -- large multi-author archive for Tom Paris; gen, het & slash, organised by pairing; some crossovers with DS9 and TNG; also with pictures, actor bio, links; maintained by the Dorm (not archived on the WayBack Machine)

Star Wars & The Phantom Menace


Twin Peaks

  • Into The Trees: My Memories of Twin Peaks. Link: (site moved, page blanked and new ste not in the WayBack machine)

Velvet Goldmine

  • Ewan Sisterhood
  • The Sociological Aspects of Velvet Goldmine (not archived in the WayBack machine)


  • The Complex: An Unoffical Viper WebSite, a fan tribute site with fanfiction and an episode guide. Also has some Due South content. Link: (archived here)

West Wing

  • Blonde Republican Sex Kitten ( - small site devoted to Ainsley Hayes & Emily Procter (one version is not archived, but there is a mirror site - archived, but without a lot of the graphics)
  • From The Office Of The Chief Of Staff - The Leo & Margaret Fanfiction Archive. Links: (Not archived in the WayBack Machine).
  • Just Wing It - tribute site with cast bios, episode guide, fanfic - owned by Jenna, age 14 at the time the site was started (c. 2001) - The site was originally at (then moved to a new FortuneCity address, and then to a Tripod location, which is the version first linked in.

Wold Newton Universe





Yuu Yuu Hakusho


Anime-specific multi-fandom sites


  • Con Report - site was started to hold the (unnamed) owner's reports and pix from all the cons attended; however, the only one was in Valley Forge PA USA, 3-4 March 2001 (not archived)
  • Heroes: The Fanfiction Fan Magazine - website assoc. with HEROES Yahoo Group - comic book meta: articles, interviews, writers' resources
  • The Horrible Fanfiction List - a rant/essay by Chris Jones (seems to be on a site with original fiction called "Helix Fiction")
  • My Fandom ( (Professional Wrestling)
  • On TV with Mike Thompson ( & - meta on TV shows he watched circa 2000, often reads like a series of undergrad essays - included Ally McBeal, All My Children, Sports Night, Space Ghost, Get Smart, Law and Order, CSI, Survivor, Star Trek: Next Generation vs. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Buffy & Angel, Freaks and Geeks, Beverly Hills 90210, changing portrayal of adult topics on TV, "From Amos to Cosby and Back Again: The Portrayal of African-Americans on Television" (not all were cached) - also had essays on several movies
  • Rob's Science Fiction Convention Pictures - pictures taken at a number of different conventions 1991-2000 (no pictures were archived)
  • Shunsuke's Concise Guide to Better Fanfic Writing...
  • Slash TV - an essay comparing the relative slash merits of various TV shows, including Star trek: Voyager
  • Why The Dudleys ( - a female fan's meta on why she marked out for the Dudley's as a tag team) (Professional Wrestling)
  • The X-Files Top Ten Lists (


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